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David Rizzo

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness"

Player: silverlinedmist

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Hey, you know I'm tougher than I look, right?

David is 18, about 6'3", athletic, but pretty evenly proportioned. He's got light brown/orange-ish shaggy hair, with matching colored eyes. He wears glasses, but sometimes he chooses to wear contacts instead. The glasses he owns are orange rimmed, and pretty rectangular. David can almost always be seen with a pair of headphones around his neck; music is his one true love. Typically, he wears a nice black uniform-type outfit. It's not actually a uniform, he just enjoys wearing it. If he were to take off his clothes, you'd find his body covered in scars of various shapes and depths. All from past battles and mistakes.

David is a pretty quiet guy usually, he tends to be very peaceful as well, typically avoiding conflicts and trying to settle them quickly when he's involved. He's actually a pretty funny and witty guy, but he just tends to keep his mouth shut unless he's around people he considers his friends. Lots of times if you try to converse with him, it will end quickly, unless you are talking about something he enjoys. (Music, video games, people he likes, weapons; especially blades.) He's a really caring guy, and super sensitive too. He can also be pretty popular with the ladies, but if you were to ask him about that, he would deny it.

You don't really want to get on his bad side, either. He doesn't enjoy conflict, but if you upset him too much, he can make an exception. He can get pretty scary when he's mad, or even scared for himself or others.

Equipment / Abilities
He has no magic abilities whatsoever, but he does have two short blades he is very skilled with. He's also very good with dodging, he's quick and agile, but not too strong. He hasn't lost a battle yet- well, he hasn't lost any FAIR battles yet. As far as anything else goes, he sucks at it. 

David was a boy who grew up around Silver's area. He knew her as a child and they became very close friends. They would discuss a lot of things, especially her swords, and they hung out a lot. However, one day Silver stopped showing up. She seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. David was sad for a long time, figuring she just got tired of him and left. Since then, he's made it his personal goal to become the most skilled fighter ever, simply because that was mostly what they discussed. Silver was his first friend, and he's never been good at making friends. He practices a lot, and eventually decided to travel to find people to help him become even stronger. That's how he managed to find himself at Sorcerers.