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Alphonsus Savanti

Roleplay: "Eternal Sands - Closed"

Player: enkerzed

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A fearless elf and rebel leader


Alphonsus is relatively young for an elf (he's about 54 right now), but he's lived the hard and fast life of a rebel, and he's got a prosthetic left arm to show for it. He often wears battle armour along with the accoutrements of a 'gentleman', to suit his leadership status, although his pierced ears, mean gaze, striking goatee and fiery demeanour all mark him as a staunchly rebellious spirit. Being an elf, he is of course taller and leaner than most other kinds of people, yet he has little skill in magic (if any at all), despite the fact that all elves are born with the ability to use it. Not that he needs to anyway, since he is already like a force of nature, taking the fight to the Empire wherever he goes in lightning fast hit-and-run attacks in true rebel fashion. He's got a keen mind for such tactics and a face to match it. This may be one of the many reasons why he is so widely hailed and condemned as leader of the eternal rebellion, because he certainly looks the part.

To many who don't know Alphonsus personally, he'll strike them as being a fearsomely intimidating elf who speaks with the experience of a lifetime of hardships, quiet yet dangerous. He can also become wildly passionate and loud when denouncing the Empire, and addressing his soldiers in a battlefield voice. Indeed, this is one extremely driven elf who can, with all validity, be thought of as a pure force of nature, a fiery element that rages against the Empire's grip over the sands of Amara.

To those who do know him personally, they'll understand that he's fiercely loyal, intelligent, headstrong, righteous, truly fearless, a staunch believer in leading from the front and at turns arrogant or self-deprecating. "You're crazy," is a remark that Alphonsus has often heard from his closest friends for years, and not much has changed since he became universally recognised as leader of the rebellion. Sometimes, there's just no helping him when he decides to go on dangerous missions that anyone else would consider to be utter suicide.

Equipment / Abilities
Has a prosthetic left arm which he can use to deadly effect in a fist fight or when drawing back the string of his high-powered and high-tech bow, which is able to launch bolts of explosive energy.

Alphonsus never knew his parents, having grown up in an orphanage. One day, a travelling clan stopped at his town to rest and after they left, a squad of enforcers from the Capital City also arrived and subjected the towns people to heavy handed interrogation. As it turned out, the travelling clan was a terrorist cell that tried and failed to bomb the Capital. Although the townspeople did not know this, they were all placed under arrest and kept under close watch for as long there were rebels nearby. No one was to go in or out for an indefinite amount of time. Alphonsus, as well as many others, lived under these conditions for several years until it became clear that nothing was going to change. Unable to tolerate such oppression anymore, Alphonsus and some of his closest friends went off during the night to find the rebels and bring them back to free the town. Although they nearly died of heat and thirst in their journey, they finally found the people they were looking for and were taken in by the groups leader. The rebels were brought back, the town was freed and over time, Alphonsus and his companions grew up to become the most loyal soldiers of the rebellion. Years later, Alphonsus began to lead his own attacks, each one more brazen than the last. He eventually became so notorious that he was condemned by the Empire as the world's most wanted man, and all other rebels rallied behind him proudly, hailing him as their leader. Alphonsus continues the fight in a war that has lasted since time immemorial, to free the sands of Amara from the control of the Empire.

THEME (Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack - Icarus)