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Enzo Ferrari

Roleplay: "The Coming Darkness"

Player: IamEnzo

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All I want is for you is to be happy

Enzo stands at 5'10, with brown spiky hair, and brown eyes.  He has light tanned skin.

Hyper mode (Cursed form): 

Enzo is a shy nerd, who always looks for his next chance to obtain a friend. He's quick to avoid a fight, but won't hesitate to do so if it's for protecting his friends and what he loves. He's bad at women, and money, too.

Equipment / Abilities
In near death situations, Enzo's inner emotions project as flames out of his body, turning his eyes orange and red, and flames coming out of his forehead, and two hands. He calls this his hyper mode. During hypermode, Enzo's two rings, one on each hand, forms into armored fingerless gloves, made from an unknown material.

Enzo grew up in Italy, with his mother and father, but moved to Japan with his dad once his mother died. Enzo's had bad luck from there, running into the wrong people, accidently breaking his most precious items, and is constantly getting his money taken from him. His dad sends him to Sorcerers, to become something useful for once.

Theme song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGyxJoSJH1c&feature=related