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Thought to be able to fuel an empire and advance a civilization decades, the Shift Particle is the most sought-after treasure of it's time. Two years ago, the crew of The Ardent took on this job only to meet near destruction at the hands of a rival. Now, they try again.......

Tags: adventure, airship, custom setting, elves, epic, fantasy, freeform, group, magic, pirates, steampunk

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Advanced

New Players: Open

Creator: Eden

Created: 08-02-2011, 05:11 PM


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Game World

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Verenkor   ( 3 posts )
The planet under the red moon. Do not post here.
The Ardent   ( 8 posts )
One of the fastest privately owned ships, the Ardent's crew rarely fails a job. Post in one of the subsections.
Crew's Quarters   ( 13 posts )
A popular place for stow-aways, drinking games, and more scandalous liaisons, this area includes the cabins and sick bay.
Barasa's Room   ( 0 posts )
Barasa's Room.
Dining Room   ( 51 posts )
Small, but better than eating on the lower deck, and it's got a nice view. There are several tables here and it's a popular place to relax.
Topside   ( 47 posts )
Also known as the deck, this area is open to the wind and rain. It is where the ship is steered.
Cann   ( 0 posts )
Carved out of one of Tyrisia's largest mountains, it's the largest city in the world and the center of Tyrisian politics.
Docks of Cann   ( 29 posts )
Carved into the stone city of Cann, these docks touch the clouds as they service Tyrisia's finest airships.
Seat of State   ( 21 posts )
A glass domed architectural wonder, this grand building houses the Queen and her administration.
Kerria   ( 0 posts )
A vast continent covered in largely unmapped forests, sprinkled with ruins and rumors of more.
Port ma'Deu   ( 17 posts )
Always friendly to the crew of the Ardent, the ma'Deu family and many retired crewmembers reside here, along with the small town that has built up around them.
Port of An   ( 4 posts )
A colonial river-port across the Vast Sea from Tyrisia.
The Gale Woods   ( 113 posts )
The unforgiving and largely untraveled wilderness surrounding Port ma'Deu.
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Places 1 to 15 of 19  (2 are invisible-locked) 

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