Hello, peeps!

Not sure if any of the people I used to RP with are still on here, but I'm back for good. . . Hopefully. I graduated high school the year after I stopped being active(I'm actually not sure. Don't quote me on that.) I am currently in my junior year of university, so I don't promise that I'll be on everyday, or maybe even every week. I do promise to let you know if I go missing longer than a week, though.

Anyway, I have come back from the dead to improve my writing and to continue to gather more ideas. This message is not just to the people I used to RP. This is also to people I have never roleplayed with. If you are perhaps interested, do not hesitate to hit me up on my message board or on this post even.

Thanks for listening to this little message, and I hope to start roleplaying with some old friends or new ones.