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Devil's Tale - Closed

The city seems to shake as a war breaks out under human noses between angels known as White Knights, and demons known as Red Tails. What presumed to be a color gang war is none other than a battle to decide the fate of Heaven, Hell and Earth between.......

Tags: angels, city, demons, devils, drama, factions, fighting, gang, humans, modern, war

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Closed

Creator: Schizophrenic

Created: 08-21-2015, 12:06 AM


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"Lucifer." "Satan." "Diablo."

Despite his many names, he's known, feared and worshiped. For centuries, the law and space between Heaven and Hell have been unchanging. That is, until whispers of a new reign in Hell at it's cusp began to spread through worlds. Now it's a race to who can get to the unsuspecting demon in humans guise first. 

A war of supernatural proportion is at our door, the battlefield on the city streets of Monroe, disguised as nothing more than a feud between color gangs. 

Which side are you on? 


Common sense, fail to use it, and I'll see you out.

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