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Thread: Hello!

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    Right over... um.. hmm... I think I live around... uh... ...


    Wow I haven't had to write one of these in a long time!

    Hi! I'm Car'a'Carn! (a guy) You can call me Carn, Car, Carnie, Car Car, ... um... or whatever else you see in my name? As long as it's nice I am from menewsha! I've been over there for almost 5 years now! I run a charity over there though it's pretty quiet. You'll have to excuse me if you see things like [yes] or [shock] as I use emotes on Mene a lot and they pop up in my chatting offsite all the time XD
    I love reading, playing video games, messing with electronics, cars, nature and other stuff.
    I've been craving doing some RPing lately so I thought I'd check this place out. I haven't done a ton of RPs but enough to know whats what XD ... I hope... O.O... lol
    So yeah, that's me in a nut shell!

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    Another name that I recognize form Mene - Hello there!

    If you have any questions about how to use the site or set up a roleplay, just give a shout

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