I'm not really sure how these things usually go since it's been a long time I've made a serious roleplay, but even so I'd like to bring my newest RP to your attention!

The Ubermensch is a roleplay idea that I came up with after reading a few excerpts of Also Sprach Zarathustra by none other than Nietzsche. Ubermensch is a term translating to "overman" or superman" depending on the version you read, but the concept is the same regardless: a person who has surpassed normal people. In this plot, I want to explore that with a three-faction war between the ones who want to put down these new "supermen", the supermen themselves, and the people caught in the middle. I've got some roles that I want filled, but character design is pretty flexible so long as there is a leader for each faction!

I hope to make this a roleplay of politics, action, and most importantly, fun so if this sounds like something you'd like to try out feel free to sign up (and even throw in an original character or two).