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Thread: [How To] Create a Character

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    [How To] Create a Character

    Filling out the Profile

    Here's the fun part - Writing about your character!

    Not every section needs to be filled in, but make sure you give readers enough information about your character. Things like a name, photo and basic backstory are going to be necessary for most roleplays.

    The New Character page will give you the opportunity to fill in:

    Character Name - What is your character called?

    Character Avatar - A 100x100 pixel picture.
    This will identify you character in both the Character Pool and in a roleplay. Make it easily identifiable - Some people may skip over your character if they’re looking for a thumbnail that catches their eye.

    Synopsis - Your character, in brief.
    Use this as a hook. Something simple like “I like trouble” or “The jock with the heart of gold” will help people understand your character at a glance.

    Description - What does your character look like?
    Use this box for both text and pictures that illustrate your character. Some people may simply add in lists of adjectives that fit, while others will write a novel about how their character speaks, moves and smells. Fill in whatever suits you best!

    Personality - How does your character think, act and behave?
    Does your character laugh and joke a lot, but get sullen and withdrawn when the name of an enemy is mentioned? Do they spend time helping out orphans or whittling toy ducks for their mom? This is the place to tell us! Use your imagination and fill this box with text and photos that best demonstrate your character's personality traits.

    Equipment / Abilities - What do they bring to the table?
    This includes both their literal belongings and their significant talents. Everything from your character's ancient armor to their skill at playing poker can be listed here.

    History - Before the game started, who were they and what did they do?
    What important things have happened to them in the past to this point in the story? Were they abducted by aliens? Trained by a master craftsman? Lived a boring life until one day....

    Extra - What else?
    For anything else that doesn't fit, throw it into this section!
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