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Burn in ❖ Heaven

Heaven and Hell are the least of your problems.........

Tags: adventure, fantasy, heaven, hell

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Advanced

New Players: Open

Creator: Sweetsunnyrain

Created: 09-04-2013, 11:10 PM


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Our world was once a peaceful place, where magic ran free and humans could keep their compasses straight- but that was when they came. The Null. The Null, an advanced and highly intelligent species that took on the appearance of several different living organisms. By hiding their true looks, The Null were able to integrate into human culture and lash out at any given time. Even though the human world was laced with magic, not many knew how to harness it to combat the monsters. However, fifty years ago, a mage that went by the name of Deus founded an institution that went by the name of Heaven. Heaven, a school to teach the children of the future the virtues of magic, and to create an army to battle The Null. However, twenty years after that, an academy called Hell was created by a wizard who called himself Lucifer. The two schools opposed each other at once; each taught magic a separate way. Hell's magic was harsh and unforgiving, volatile and had no mercy, while Heaven's magic was soothing for the soul, healing, insightful, and placid. Hell and Heaven continued to disagree with the other until the day The Null decided to launch an attack on both their schools. After that,the two academies came to form a contract: their schools would be merged in order to form a much larger force to combat their enemies. That was last year. This year, all the students from Heaven and Hell are transferring into a much larger campus- The Brimstone Institute for the Magically Gifted. Their story is about to begin...




The law that must be obeyed...


This RP is considered literate. Now, this doesn't mean that it's a contest for who can write the most per post. Though sometimes wordy posts are appreciated, it isn't necessary for people to do so. Remember to keep with the ten sentences a post rule in the forum. 

When I say literate, you must be able to keep up with the plot line and have a good pacing/flow in your writings. For example, an introduction post may be more than a thousand words, but a post detailing a battle? 250 words or even less might do the trick. 


I'm not going to be strict with this one, but one post a week should be standard for any who apply here. If you are not able to post for any reason, please contact me via skype or PM for any details regarding the problem. If you do not contact me at all, then I reserve the right to delete your character after two weeks of inactivity. 

Touching upon another subject in posting, posts should be text only with the exception of posts from the GM detailing NPC appearances.

As a general reminder, we are using italics to indicate thought and quotation marks to indicate speech. Also, keep OOC in the OOC, please. Only IC posts are allowed here. 


I've got two generic rules about characters. The first would be that Mary Sues and/or Gary Stus are not appreciated here. Please look here to see what I look for in a good character. If you're going to make a character just so it can be romanced with, I suggest you close this window now and wander off to find your romance elsewhere. The second rule has to do with nationality. I've noticed a lot of characters hailing from the wondrous country of Japan. Unless your character is well rounded and has good consistency and logic, then I suggest you branch out and try other nationalities besides the traditional Japanese stereotype character. 

There is a limit of two characters per person. 


When applying, please read everything in the thread carefully. I will be checking over your application with care, and reserve the right to reject it if it does not meet my standards. You may PM me for details and reasons why your character was rejected and make changes accordingly, but I will not promise you that I will take back my rejection.

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