Not to sound cliche, but this story begins on a very familiar literary note. The focus of our story, a young man by the name of Adam Cowen, was living an average life of an early twenty something year old male. But that was all about to change on this hot summer night.

Adam fell asleep early that night, a feat usually unattainable and likely unsustainable. And rightly so, he found himself lost in a dream - a rather vivid one for that matter. His hands reached out to grab hold of a warm body laying beside him, and like most female figures that appear in a virgins dreams, she was completely nude. A pleased smile spread across his face as he pulled the faceless female - blurred out by the haziness of the dream closer to himself. "So soft..." He whispered happily in his dream state, unaware of the voice that was about to cut through and bring him back to reality.

"Soft?" A perky voice asked in a parrot like manner. "Mhm, and you smell nice too..." Adam replied, the situation not quite hitting him yet. But then the echo came once again, "You... smell nice?" In that moment, he recalled the girls of his dreams weren't this inquisitive... and this... real. It was then Adam became more than aware of his surroundings, realizing now that it wasn't a pillow he was cuddled up against, but a real, live body in his bed.

His eyes shot open and he found himself nose length away from a beautiful young girl, eyes as wide as his staring directly at him. "W-woah!" As quickly as he could, he shifted away from her - accidentally wrapping himself up in his sheet as he helplessly fell off the bed and onto the wooden floor below. The loud crash was enough to shake the floor, the raven haired female peering over the edge curiously. Adam was far too caught up in the moment to even register the pain. "H-how did you get in here?!" He asked nervously, his eyes quickly scanning his windows to see any signs of a break in. "How?" She replied, the words leaving her lips in a way that they carried no meaning. "Who are you!?" He asked, only to be repeated once again. "Who?" His patience was now wearing thin with this crazy (beautiful, but crazy) person in his bed. "And why are you ... naked!?" Adam asked, averting his eyes for the sake of his upstanding morals and gentlemanly honor code.

But all she did was echo, this time just repeating the word "Naked?" with a raised eyebrow and confused stare. And finally, it hit him. She couldn't understand a word he was saying, she must be foreign or something! From the looks of her, she could possibly be someone of Norwegian decent... but either way, he had no way of knowing, and talking to her was proving useless. Finally, he unwrapped himself from the sheet and quickly wrapped his robe around himself, pacing the room, his eyes on her the whole time. "Well... you're obviously not dangerous... but still..." After slipping on his glasses, Adam reached for his phone and began to dial 9-1-1. But before he could hit the call button, he found himself watching this girl curiously peer over his bed, a cautious hand reaching out to gently tap the sleeping canine beside the bed. Adam's dog didn't move, but continued to sleep on, until the gentle tap of the mysterious girl turned into a stern poke of her finger into it's side. The dog jumped up and proceeded to bark loudly at the "threat" in the room. "Ah!" She shrieked, sliding to the center of the bed, eyes glued to the displeased animal.

"Hey, hey, hey, cool it." He said, petting the dog on the back, attempting to silence him before he woke up the entire house. As the dog became more infatuated with a good back scratch than the intruder, like any domesticated animal would, Adam sighed at the seemingly frightened girl. "He's fine... don't worry about him." And as expected, his consoling words did nothing to ease her, seeing as she couldn't understand them. "Oh, why am I even trying?" He said, shaking his head and rubbing his temple. "You're acting like you've never seen a dog in your entire life..."

What a strange situation, he thought. It was then that he finally realized this girl was still quite naked. "Oh! Uh..." Making haste toward his closet, he pulled out the closest available Hawaiian shirt - this type of clothing making up almost the entirety of his hanging wardrobe - and tossed it onto the bed in front of her, pointing for her to put it on. She may not be able to speak English, but she could at least understand signals.

No such luck.

She stared blankly at the article of clothing, before picking it up and laying it over her legs like a blanket. "Uhh... n-no..." Confused, and a little irritated he snatched the shirt back and motioned for her to put her arms up in the air. Doing so - her blue eyes never leaving him once, he pulled the shirt down over her head. "Good enough for now." Adam was about to go for his phone again, until he thought to himself. Could he really call the police on a girl like this? She can't communicate, she is petrified of a chubby little fur ball and can't even figure out how to put a shirt on.

Finding himself at an impasse, he tossed his phone on the bed and fell into his computer chair, staring at this mysterious girl on his bed. "What do I even do with you? Do you at least have a name?" He asked, watching her move to the edge of the bed. It seemed as though she was attempting to understand what he was saying, or at the very least was giving him her full attention. "Name?" She echoed once again.

Adam pointed to himself and nodded, "My name is Adam..." He then pointed his finger in her direction. "Your name is...?" The room fell silent as moonlight hit the cheeks of both Adam and this nameless female. "Your name is Adam..." She said in a way that wasn't quite fluent, but less like a parrot. "My name is..." Her finger pointed toward herself she furrowed her brow and made such a concentrated face it looked as though smoke was about to pour from her ears. "My name is... my name...." And in almost an instant, her confusion turned to frustration, her face becoming red until tears began to build up around the corner of her eyes. "My name.... my name?" Shaking her head from side to side, she began to work herself up more and more which instantly made Adam uneasy. Rising up from his chair he held his hands out to her, "No, no, no, it's okay! It's okay!" He said in the most calming voice he could muster in the moment. Through gasps of whimpering breaths, she rubbed her eyes and nodded at him, "My name is okay?"

Taking a seat beside her on the bed he shook his head once again, his stare now just as confused as hers. "No... your name isn't okay... it's..." Licking his lips he looked around, baffled by it all. "Do you not have a name?" As she looked silently at him, her cheeks a bit flushed, it seemed as though she understood, at least perhaps maybe a very little of what he was saying. "No name...." She whispered.

"Well... I can't just call you nothing so..." Adam wasn't too good with this creativity stuff, at least he didn't think he was - he barely used that side of his brain! But like most logical thinkers, he used word association to come up with possibly the only female name he could think of. "Eve? Do you like Eve?"

Blinking away any residual tears, she repeated him again, "Eve....?" As it settled with her, a strange light seemed to twinkle in her eyes as a big smile spread across her face. "Eve!! My name is Eve!" And with that she jumped towards him, throwing her arms around him in a tackle form of what could possibly be considered a hug. And as they sat on the edge of his bed, at three o'clock in the morning, Adam questioned what the hell was going on - and how on Earth did he end up with the arms of a half naked girl wrapped around him?