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Thread: I have returned... to look for partners

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    I have returned... to look for partners

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I was active on here (Five months maybe?) and I just really miss it. I would love to get back into the swing of things, but alas, for that I need partners and people to play with. For those of you that know me, you already know me so feel free to message if you'd love to catch up! For those of you that don't (Which is probably most everyone), here's a bit about me:

    My posts typically are never shorter than 1-2 paragraphs but they don't turn into novels either. I write whats necessary to convey my idea with a decent amount of description. Feel free to stalk my history if you want to see an exact example of my length.

    Quick List of Facts-
    -I typically play female because I like it and I'm more skilled at it than male. My men aren't often all that great.
    -I do regular and adult rp
    -M/F only because I'm no good at rping M/M or F/F
    -Very open to planning together or just kinda going for it

    Genres (in no particular order)
    -Scifi but not really mechs, think Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek
    -High Fantasy both dark and lighthearted
    -Modern Fantasty
    -Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic any variety

    Shows and things I like that I am posting for info and if you want to do a fandom rp
    -Doctor Who
    -Game of Thrones
    -Once Upon a Time
    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Hunger Games (Not sure I'd want to rp this)

    I'm open to trying a lot of things but some things I'm not into:
    - Modern day slice of life (I don't want to write about what I'm already living)
    -Creepy Age Gaps
    -Band/Fan etc Rps (i find them kinda boring)
    -High School of any type (I'm in college and don't want to go back to high school)

    I think thats about it. If you guys need any clarification or have any questions please feel free to PM me or post here. Hope to hear from you!
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    Are you still willing to do a 1x1? I'd like the idea of a pirates, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, and any fantasy you had in mind. Did you have specific plotlines in mind? I warn you, a romance-based plot is not a think I really want to do, and I'm not exactly experienced on this whole 1x1 thing, but I'm willing to try it out. Also, I can only do general rated, just a heads-up. So, how about it?
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    Count me as a possibility, I'm open to anything you've mentionned. I'm mostly just trying to keep busy and have an intermediate to advanced RP going on.
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