Hello Everyone!

Summer is going to be here before we know it, and we've got plenty in store for you to get you through those hot days! (Whether you are brave enough to face the sun on the beach with your tablet browsing WTF, or you are hiding out in the safety of your air conditioned home!) Expect fun new community games, activities and hangouts to bring everyone together.

We are always working on new WTF Awards, and this week we've released a few new one's for you to sink your teeth into;

- Now, when you have a game featured, you will be awarded this little banner to display on your game's overview page, your signature, or anywhere you please!

- This will be awarded to any user who frequents the welcome center and posts in at least ten different introduction threads!

- Awarded to those who host a popular hangout thread in Shooting The Breeze!

- Awarded to those that help out other members by posting in at least ten different threads at the Information Desk.

- This fancy award is given to that busy bee who is active in at least five one on one roleplay's at the same time!

And we'd also like to award anyone who has had to put up with the army of bots we've had to deal with over these past few months with their very own SURVIVOR award! We really do apologize for all the inconvenience, and to anyone who has had their account accidentally deleted - but the worst should be behind us (knock on wood) thanks to Insomniac, Knerd, and the support and vigilant efforts you put forth as users! Thank you!

We look forward to an amazing summer, stay classy WTF!