Hello everyone! Some of you more astute members may have noticed the recent changes around WTFRPG, but don't worry if you've been missing out: I'm here to explain everything to you.

It seems that I've gone mad with power and somehow managed to take over WTF headquarters. The title of Administrator is finally mine! Not only do I have now have access to a lot of nifty new functions around the site, but I'm excited to start pressing random buttons and see what happens.

If my awesome authority is now too much for you to handle, never fear: Our wonderful mods Schizophrenic and Strude are still here to help you out with any daily problems that you may encounter on the site.

You'll be noticing some new tweaks that have popped up in the forums. First is the creation of a 1x1 Recruitment sub for your Adult RPs. No longer are all Adult Request threads shoved into the same forum! Next come some new prefixes that you can add to your thread titles in order to alert other users about your availability and activity. "Active," "Closed" and "Hiatus" prefixes have been added to the Forum RPs and Adult Forum RPs, while "Active" and Hiatus" were added to the To All Concerned forum. Now it's much easier to scan the main forum pages and see who is currently looking for RP partners and who is taking a break.

Is all of this a little tough to remember? Good thing that the Site Feature Guides will be undergoing a face-lift as well. It's about time that we spent some attention on that forum, so the staff will be working hard to make them more comprehensive, useful and easy to navigate.

If you have any questions or suggestions of your own, then give a shout! Both this thread and the What Can We Do For You? sticky will remain open. We've certainly got some of our own tricks up our sleeves, but it's nice to reward you folks for your creativity and enthusiasm. If you'd like to see an improvement, let us know!