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Sunshine Destiny Miracle Island Academy - Closed

Rules of roleplay bend! Enroll your Mary Sue or Gary Stu character into this fun roleplay, meta-game to your heart's content and fight to be the most dazzling, brightest, beautifulest in the school!......

Tags: academy, anime, comedy, cool kids, fun, gary stu, humor, magical girls, mary sue, modern, parody, school, silly, students, wacky

Character Approval: No

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Closed

Creator: Tahiel

Created: 06-28-2011, 01:26 AM


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Sunshine Destiny Miracle Island Academy

Like, welcome to the bestest school in the history of animekind!
Welcome to the Sunshine Destiny Miracle Island Academy!

This is only like the bestest coolest biggest awesomenest boarding school magical academy for anime boys and girls alike. Enroll your best Mary Sue or Gary Stu now!
Keys? Who needs keys to access locked places! Your boy or girl will surely have the skills necessary to break in regardless!! Learn how to be perfect in every way!111!42 Not that you need it, mind you!
The academy is set on an island, that's why it has island in the title! And you can tots blow up the academy cuz it regnerates itself automagically in a split second!!
Enroll today!1!

* Cool Students

* Perfect Teachers
* Hot School Nurse (preferably male!1!) sorry is taken!!1!1!1!!
* Hot Cafe Workers! (preferably girls in maid outfits!1!)
* Awesome or Super Evil Principal!
sorry is taken!!1!1!1!!

(You can blame thank Maneki Neko and onestar for this rp, and onestar for the art <3)


Rules of all RP bend! Because you're a perfect little snowflake, you can know everything and do anything your heart desires!!

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