So I suppose that I should use this, hm? As a way to write about why I am not writing? I liked the idea, so I figured, why not? and silly ol' me just went on with it. I'll probably not regret it, so here it is.

The reasons as to why I can't write.

And maybe some little things I think I might do. I like to write out my plans, and maybe this could be the place where I could put them (and maybe get some feedback? I love feedback.)

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Ever had an art black that did more than cripple your creative talents? Well, this one, that I had that lasted me what felt like forever seemed to dampen not only my creativity and crap, but had me in some kind of deep depression. I suppose it was more of a socialization block. Might have something to do with the fact that I'm off my dance troupe, but hey!

Means a new start. And it means that I'm BACK. With a vengeance.

After coming out of the whole block itself, and before the block, I was thinking about going back to college. I got my Associates, since I really didn't need a higher one for dance (being the foolish, foolish silly girl I was), and decided that I would go back when I felt like it. Didn't think I would be so soon, but now I'm going back for teaching and fine arts. ^w^ I start my pre-requisite classes over the summer and then I will be going full-time in the fall.

Gawsh, I don't think I have ever been so excited.