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The unwanted (Restarted)

The Unwanted academy is located on a large mysterious island. The school is located in the center of a large forest with only one road leading from the dock to the school. Why is there such a school? The school is for supernatural and other worldly beings. Children are often forced by the government to leave home to attend this school. The outside world does not know what goes on behind closed doors….......

Tags: horror tradegy anime

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Asiabear

Created: 12-11-2012, 05:14 PM


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Welcome to the unwanted
(Roles are needed)
Headmaster: Rienald Hoist
School secretary: Yui Ari
Spell Teacher:Open
Blood 101 teacher:Open
Summoning teacher:Open
Supernatural history Teacher:Open
Ability Technique teacher:Open
Society Rules Teacher: Open
Lunch worker:Open
Pet watcher:Enzo
Nurse:Laira IchI
Fighting teacher: Mikael Auditore
Student body:open
ex: president, vice president, ect
Clubs and sport are open


  1. Do not kill other characters unless its okay by the owners
  2. Please dont be rude or mean
  3. Have fun!
  4. please respect the player Arien and they hold a special spot in the rp.
  5. If you are gone more then a week without good reason what ever current action you were doing with another character will be dropped
  6. If you have ideas for the rp or rules please let me know I am always open to ideas
  7. If you have questions or issues with the rp let me know and i will help.

Note- We are a SCHOOL so we are always opened to new players :) as the owner or this rp I do promise to log in at least once a day (I get bored so probably more)We recreated this as we realized it made it hard for new comers and there was a block in roleplay ideas so we decided it was best to re do this whole RP for everyone

SCHOOL HANDBOOK BY HEADMASTER HOIST edited heavily by school secretary Yui

Hello welcome to the unwanted academy! Before you enroll please read this book since these are the school rules.

When you enroll expect a letter from me or my secretary Yui Ari stating which classes you will be in. Each class will meet your individual needs. A good example is if you were a vampire you would not need to take a spell class for witches, instead you would need to take blood 101. Please note we do not tolerate skipping classes! we do understand campus is quite large so being late up to 15 minutes is okay with good reason. When attending class and exiting the dorm please where appropriate clothes. This also applies to teachers. We do not need a repeat of last year. If you are having issues with a student or teacher please tell me or our Nurse/Doctor Laira Ichi. Please respect all teachers we are here to help. If you see a strange person on the island you do not recognize report them immediately as they could be dangerous. We do not condone summoning medium to high level demons or any other creatures that could be dangerous at all to the student. Please do remember that we have unstable student or students that are new to society. Sometimes these students do break rules so please report them if they breach the rules. Please be kind especially when bringing up peoples pasts as it could be a sensitive subject.

We do except people with pets as we do realize that some require them (if you are disabled or a witch) so every one with a well trained animal is welcomed on school ground. When in class all pets are required to go to the 'pet playground' to be watched by our pet watcher Enzo. If any animal become sick or injured they can be taken Laira Ichi she is a certified vet.

If YOU are injured or ill please visit our School doctor/nurse she can help you, but refrain from injury. Please be respectable towards her as shes only here to help.

If you need to talk to a counselor please let me or Laira Ichi know and we will see to it.

Also we do not condone under aged drinking, drugs, or anything along that lines on school grounds

Welcome to the academy I hope to meet you soon!

(note- you can break any of these rules to your own expense sometimes you will be caught sometimes you wont it all depend if you can be sneaky enough. There is a secret basement in the school you can earn a key for)

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