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Starry☆Sky ~in Furuba ~

A curse returned, a curse repeated. A promise forgotten, a promise intertwined. The red string of fate shortens; the legends begin again.......

Tags: fruits basket, romance, zodiac

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Advanced

New Players: Closed

Creator: Aleyn

Created: 11-17-2012, 04:44 AM


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~ т α я я ч ☆ β α и q υ є т ~

Image (c) Honeybee


We will have a banquet again

Once again

many times



No matter how alone I am right now.

On the other side of that promise . . .

. . . everyone is waiting . . .

. . . for me.

. . . Now . . .

this is a story

from a long time ago.

It is the first memory

everyone has forgotten.
The first promise.

☆ ~ ι и ۰ Ҏ ʟ σ т ~

Everyone knows the story of the Sohma. Of how one Honda Tohru broke the family curse and freed the Zodiac spirits. But what everyone thought had ended there and then . . . didn't.

Unbeknownst to the Sohma, there was, in fact, one other family curse. But the curse didn't belong to them. It belonged to the Romanos, an Italian family living in Europe. They, too, have been plagued by Zodiac spirits . . . the spirits of the stars. But what did that have to do with the Sohma family?

Though no one knew, both the God of the Sohma house and the Starkeeper of the Romano house died at the same time, all those many years ago. The release of such honest, convicted thoughts and sheer supernatural power did something very unexpected: it wove the two promises together.

Now, generations after Tohru, the Sohma curse is back, taking the entire family by surprise. And as fate would have it, it seems this generation may be able to completely lift the curse once and for all. For who should arrive in Japan but the Romano family, complete with their own set of Zodiac!

If they are to finally free their families once and for all, both the Sohma and the Romanos must repeat the same phenomenon that caused the link: just as the simultaneous deaths of God and Starkeeper created the bond, breaking the curses at the same time breaks both the connection and the curse. The only question left is:

Is your heart prepared to love?


☆ ~ ι и ۰ Я υ ʟ є s ~

♉. I am God of this RP. What I say goes.
♊. An Aleyn original, based off the manga Fruits Basket. Steal anything, and I will sic killer bunnies for your souls.
♋. As a private RP, only Aleyn, Kuro Ningyou, Kiriati, Sweetsunnyrain, and .Sei may post in this RP.
♌. This RP is literate. I don't believe in "semi-literacy".
- On the same note, I do expect quantity. Even on a writer's block I can manage to squeeze out five sentences. I expect a good decent-sized post. One- and two- liners peeve me.
♍. I expect activity. I'm not asking for daily activity; once or twice a week at minimum.
♎. That being said, I would like it if you'd inform me of any extended absences. I'll do the same, so try to show some common courtesy.
♏. Don't God-mod, Mary-Sue, Auto-hit, or anything of the like. I'll execute you if you try me.
♐. We're all smart decent denizens of WTFRPG and Earth. No need to be explicit now, mmkay?
♑. Please use something to specify the usage of OOC. { }, (( )), [ ], etc.
♒. Do not kill someone without their permission. I'll punt you from the RP.
♓. Have fun!!! That's the entire purpose of this RP.

* I have the right to change and edit rules as I see fit.

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