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Operation: Bloody Monday

You usually wouldn't expect much from teenagers, but now, you should. Cause right now, they are the only thing that can help the Japanese Government and even the world at this rate. Based off of the manga, Bloody Monday, a story of seemingly ordinary kids, who get themselves caught in a mess. A rag tag group of teens consisting of Archers, Combat Specialists, Thugs, Genius Prodigies, and the all important Hacker band together to help the Third-Eye(Japan's best National Security) catch the suspect.......

Tags: action, futuristic, government, horror, occult, school-life, strategy, supernatural

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: vickiazn

Created: 11-12-2012, 01:31 AM


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Game World

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Japan   ( 7 posts )
Will Bloody Monday begin here?
Karakuri Private School   ( 15 posts )
The School where the kids and new teacher go to.
Mall Plaza   ( 28 posts )
The mall. . .
Occult Underground   ( 0 posts )
This is where the occult members gather and plot
Third-Eye   ( 0 posts )
This is Third-Eye underground base.
Interrogation Room   ( 0 posts )
This is the Interrogation Room
Places 1 to 6 of 6

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