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Castle Märchen - Fairytales for Adults

Welcome to a world of fairytales. Sometimes delightful, with adventurous tales of love everlasting and heroics. Other times dark and tragic, with stories of love lost and twisted fates. In this world lays Märchenland - and the castle and lord that many seek but not all find.......

Tags: adventure, fairytales, fantasy, magic, magic kingdoms, romance, royalty, tragedy

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Intermediate

New Players: Open

Creator: Spring-heeled Jack

Created: 06-17-2011, 08:41 AM


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Welcome to a world of fairy tales. Sometimes sweet and delightful, with adventurous tales of love everlasting and bravery supreme. Other times dark and tragic, with sad stories of love lost and twisted fates. At the center of these hundreds of kingdoms lies the land of Märchen - and the castle and lord that many seek but not all find. 

Do you come to the Lord Märchen’s castle to work your way up from peasant to prince? Or are you a young queen on the run, seeking asylum and hoping to meet your one true love? Be wary - time moves differently in Märchen. And not everyone in the castle is there for pure reasons.

Please note that though this rpg is not considered "adult", potential applicants may wish to consider the following things:  
* I encourage romance between characters. 
* I don't mind if the pairings are male x female, male x male, female x female, or with multiple partners.
* Tragedy, twisted relationships, and even violence are also encouraged.

Because it's not in the "adult" category, anything sexual, excessively violent, or involving heavily sensitive issues won't take place in this game but are certainly encouraged for private threads in the adult forum. If you're not comfortable with the fact that other characters may be involved in "adult" rated situations behind the scenes, please be reminded that you are not required to participate in such things.


I’ll try to make these as simple as I can, but there’s no getting around there being a lot to read. Do me the favor of reading what I provide. Most information provided is to assist you in making more interesting bios and to have more interesting games. 

The Three Essential Rules:

1. _Lord Märchen is supreme in his kingdom. He is the only character allowed a certain amount of “god-moding”. (Mostly he will send misbehaving characters to the Dungeons/Labyrinth or grossly inactive characters to the Sepulchre.) He can be harmed, or even killed, but only if you take the time and effort to properly role-play the situation. It won’t be done in a day - or with only one character.
  *  Do not powergame/god-mod/or however one refers to forcing other characters to do things without their player’s permission. Your sword doesn’t chop Lady Princess’s head off unless Lady Princess’s player agrees that it should. You don’t poison Sir Knight’s drink so he melts into a puddle of green goo unless Sir Knight’s player is cool with that. Lady Princess is free to step aside and avoid the chop and Sir Knight is free to decide he is poisoned, but doesn’t melt into a puddle of green goo. In short, please set up situations where the player of the other character can make choices about what happens.
  *  On the flip-side of this, remember that your character is not a ninja. If a player is behaving unfairly, please feel free to avoid the attack (and inform me that the player is being unfair). But please keep in mind some degree of realism. If a knight with ten years of training is attacking your character, who is a mere stable boy, even a quick stable boy will probably suffer a few hits here and there if they don’t do anything more clever than dodging and jumping around. Play fair. 

2. _For the most part, I operate under a “three-strikes, you’re out” system. If someone's being a jerk OOC, I'm not going to turn a blind eye and let my players be bullied. Some players will not get all three strikes and some will get a few more, depending on how nice I’m feeling and how obnoxious they’re being. Don’t make me baby-sit you guys. You’re old enough to know how to behave. 
  *  Trolls will be ejected from the game immediately. Save the trolls for underneath the bridges. Please don’t feed the trolls, just report them.
  *  I neither require nor encourage every character to get along with each other. Tension creates plots. However, players should at least be civil to each other.

3. _Be courteous. If you know you’re not going to be around for a few days or you’re not sure if you’re enjoying the game, don’t get involved with another player and leave them hanging without notice. Try to get your character “somewhere else” until you have time for them again or even can recruit a friend/player you know you enjoy gaming with and bring them into the setting so you’ll be more active. I expect players to give other players a “reasonable” amount of time to respond to a post, but to know when to cut their losses and have their character go somewhere else if the other player is taking forever to reply.
* “Reasonable” will be different for everyone, but if it’s less than six hours, you’re being very flighty and that is also extremely discourteous. I suggest a minimum of 12 hours, but am not enforcing anything unless a player makes a habit of engaging other characters and running off without giving them time to respond - unless that is part of their personality, of course.

I would like to state outright, publicly, and in a place that everyone can read it that I try to be a laid back GM and I'm open to discussion about anything. I'm happy to work with anyone who wants to play in my world. I'm told I'm intimidating, but I'm not as draconian as I sound. Just shoot me a PM or say something in the OOC thread and I'll get back to you.

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