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LaLa Land ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Love story revolving around a band group.......

Tags: bands, love, teenagers

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Creator: Syrasya

Created: 06-13-2012, 05:52 AM


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    Fiona was walking in the streets alone. It was a Sunday and she wanted to roam the town by herself. It was bright and sunny, a beautiful and perfect day for a walk. She texted her friends and asked them what they were doing. Just as she was about to slide close her cellphone, her eyes catches the wallpaper. It was the picture of the guy she saw two years ago. Her soulmate. Fiona smiled and sighed wistfully.

    "I wonder, if today is the day I'm going to see him again."

  2. Characters in this post:
    The sun shone brightly up in the sky and tried to peek into the room where Anna was fast asleep through the window. It was Sunday, which was a day for Anna to wake up late. Eventually, the sunshine got her and woke her up. She opened her eyes slowly to an unfamiliar ceiling. She rubbed her eyes, trying to get rid of the blur sight. Maybe she seen it wrong or maybe she is still dreaming.She stretched and yawned a couple of time. Then, she finally sat up and realized that there was another guy on the bed. Her eyes went wide and she gasped silently. She didn't want to wake him up. He was snoring, softly and his face didn't even ring any bell which made her more freaked out. Thank goodness, she was not naked. She grabbed her bag pack and hurriedly escaped from the apartment.

    "Ooh, crap, crap, crap. Not in a million year, I would ended up in a bed with some random guy. What have I done? What happened last night?" she whispered under her breath. As she rambled endlessly, she bumped into a girl with a long white hair and fell on the street, hard.

    "Oh gosh! Ouch! I think I cracked my butt. I am so sorry. My mistake. I didn't see you there,
    " she said while trying to stand up.

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    Fiona blinked a few times after she had landed on the ground. The event just now surprised her as she tried to gather her composure. The pretty girl that had bumped into her was apologizing quickly in a flustered manner.
    Fiona smiled and lifted herself up. She brushed her jeans and held out her hands for the other girl to hold.

    "Don't apologize for something that had happened. It was destiny that brought us together like this. My name's Fiona. And you are?"

  4. Characters in this post:
    She grabbed the girl's hand and stood up, while rubbing her bottom to sooth the pain. As the girl introduced herself to her, Natsumi noticed how funny she talks. "Are you a hippie or something? What's with the destiny talks? By the way, I'm Anna. Nice to meet you," she smiled at her as she offered her hand to shake.

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    Fiona didn't feel offended by Anna's presumption of her. She was used to people questioning the way she talks. She laughed and shook her head, smiling.

    "No, not a hippie. But it'd be interesting to be one. I just believe that everything happens for a reason. That's why you don't have to feel sorry about it, is all."

    She accepted Anna's hand. "Nice to meet you too, Anna." That was when she recognized the blue eyes of her companion. "Oh my. You're Anna Michaels."

    Fiona mocked her head to the side and smiled softly. "This is an interesting encounter." She laughed easily again. Destiny can really be a funny thing, sometimes.

  6. Characters in this post:
    Anna shook Fiona's hand, gently, afraid that she might break her hand if she does it any harder. She looked really fragile and soft.

    She was startled when Fiona recognized who she was.
    "Oh, you know me?" she was not gonna lie that she was flattered that someone recognized her. The band only played a few concerts for the past two months and yet, some people remembers them. Besides, their album haven't come out yet. Not until this Summer.

    Suddenly, she realized how messy she must be looked. She tried hard to straighten her messy hair and her crumpled clothes. After all, she just got out of bed.
    "So do you live nearby?" she said, trying to act casual.

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    Fiona giggled as she watched Anna straightening herself out. "Yes. I've been to your concert once and I'm good with remembering faces. You are quite memorable yourself."
    She closed her eyes as she recalled that night. She started humming a tune. "There was a song. "Last Night's Lullaby", if I remember correctly. I was told by my friend it was written by you. Knowing you were the one who had written that song..." Fiona opened her eyes and locked her gaze on Anna. "Well, let's just say it was easier to remember your name afterwards."

    Turning her gaze to another direction, Fiona shook her head slowly. "No, I came here by bus. If you have some time right now, Anna, how about if we head out for lunch?"

  8. Characters in this post:
    Fiona explained how she knew her and told her she likes listening to Last Night's Lullaby. It was so nice of her to like one of their song. "Yeah... Well, actually my friend, Leon, and I worked on the song together. So, it's not a big deal." she said, scratching her head and literally, turned red due to embarrassment. I gotta tell Leon about this, he'll be thrilled to know that someone's complimented our song, she thought.

    As Fiona offered her to go for lunch, sadly, she had to refuse. She needed to take a shower or at least clean herself up, remembering that she just woke up in someone's random bed in a random apartment. Just the thought of it made her shivered to her spine.
    "No, I got umm... some work to do with the members. Maybe some other time? Here's my number. Tomorrow maybe?" she scribbled her number in a piece of paper which she found in her bag pack and put the paper in Fiona's hand. "Gotta go, now. Bye!" she said. She didn't wait for her to respond. After a few feet away, Anna turned around and waved her goodbye. She didn't know if Fiona will ever call her. After all, if they're destined to meet again, then maybe they will.

    Anna arrived at the Band's dorm. "Morning, Ty. Morning, Leon." she greeted her fellow members. Leon was cooking in his kitchen while Ty was doodling on a newspaper. The smells was definitely delicious, but she had sorted her priority first; shower. Besides, she needed to avoid from being interrogated by her members, just in case they got curious. She went straight to her room and hit the shower.

  9. Characters in this post:
    Fiona didn't mind that Anna had to reject her offer. She was probably busy with something else, she understood that. She was happy when Anna had given her her number. A new friend, she thought. When Anna left her alone, Fiona decided to head to the nearby cafe for lunch. Her stomach was growling, begging to be fed. Just as she was about to walk away, she noticed a stuff toy laying on the ground. It was a pink bear playing a guitar. She figured Anna must've dropped it when she was taking out the paper to write her number. Picking it up, Fiona tried to call to Anna to return it but she was too far a distance to hear her. Pocketing the two items ; the paper and the toy, she ran behind Anna and followed her.

    From afar, Fiona saw Anna entered a tall building and closed the glass door behind her. Reaching there, she realized it was automatically locked. She sighed in defeat and mumbled to herself, "Maybe I could return it to her when I see her afterwards."

    Just at that moment, someone from the building opened the glass door as he was walking out. The man noticed her standing there and held the door open for her. "Are you coming in?"

    This is destiny.

    She walked in and before the man left, she took the chance to ask him if he knew where Anna had went, saying she was a friend of hers.

    "Anna Michaels from the band? She's in No 43."

    Taking the lift the get there, Fiona smiled to herself as she thought how well things had gone. When she reached room No 43, she was surprised to see the door was opened. She hesitated in the hallway for a moment before deciding to go in.

    It was a very large room with more personal rooms inside. Coming under the door from one of the nearest room to her right was a small beetle. Fiona's eyes lit up from her love of small insects. Curious, she opened the door and had a pleasant surprise to encounter a carpet of a variety of insects greeting her on the floor.
    For her, it was like a little kid opening a closet door to Narnia.

  10. Characters in this post:
    Tyrant looked at her oddly and she wondered if she had said anything wrong. When he pressed his forehead to hers, she caught his startlingly emerald eyes. After he had backed off, Fiona rubbed her forehead in confusion and brushed her bangs back into place. "I'm fine...?" she replied, puzzled by his actions.

    When he had explained to her regarding the headphones, she thought back about her reply and had to resist the urge to giggle realizing how stupid she must have sounded. "I'm sorry, I wasn't aware." She admitted guiltily as Tyrant finally put away his cellphone -and the cockroach keychain. Disappointed that her little fun had been taken away, Fiona let out a soft sigh.

    "I'm heading to the mall in Lemon street. It just opened last weekend. Have you been?" she conversed politely. Glancing at the clock on the sign post, it was ten minutes past 11. She knew by heart that her bus would be arriving at 11.15 AM. "I don't really have anything particular to buy. It's just I'm sure there'll be a lot of people there. I was hoping to run into someone."

  11. Characters in this post:
    He laughs when he heard Fiona’s comment about the headphone “wow you’re an honest girl” he smirks while he looks up as he thinks about the Mall in Lemon Street… “Nahh never heard of it, do they got everything there?”

    He then saw a girl who dress like a hooker as he looks for the beetle Fiona got “ohh where is it? Where is it?” looking at you until he remembers it was inside your pocket and he put his hand inside Fiona’s pocket and grabs the beetle “I’ll change it for something later”. As he winks at Fiona while the girl just pass by him he flicks the beetle and went inside of the girls clothes. He laughs so hard seeing the reaction of the girl removing the beetle while the girl looking at him glaring and when the girl completely remove the beetle she was about to go near him and give him a good slap but the bus arrives causing her a bit to stop. He quickly grabs Fiona’s hand and went inside the bus “bitch it’s too early in the morning, dressing like that giving me an eyesore” until he gives a bad finger on the girl as he walks inside the bus while laughing evilly as he drags Fiona and sit on the vacant sit. “haa now my day is complete” he just doing it for something interesting to come on his day today, knowing that his prank awhile ago failed cause by Leon as he sigh again. “ohh yeah who is that someone? friend? lover? relative? or the person you like?” as he chuckles. He got a habit who loves to ask questions on and on and on

  12. Characters in this post:
    He was having fun when suddenly the bus stop, he taught it was the hooker but he just laugh so hard when he saw that it’s Michaels. “oh oh oh look at that Fiona your Destiny is here” as he laughs again.

    When Michaels went on his side standing and glaring at him, he hold his laugh for awhile “we don’t know you’re going with us and by the way you look really pretty” he burst out laughing again while he takes out his phone and taking pictures of Michaels “now pose” as he smirk and quickly put his phone back knowing that Michaels gonna throw his phone. He gets up and puts his handkerchief on top of Michael’s head “your sweating and don’t cause a commotion people are looking at you” as he moves to the side “now sit beside Fiona” he was now standing while holding the bus hand holder to balance himself.

  13. Characters in this post:
    Fiona was about to answer Tyrant's inquiry about the mall when he suddenly dug his hand into her right pocket. She was too stunned to comprehend what happened next. All she knew was that, Alexandra the beetle had been thrown into some girl's cloth and before she had the chance to retrieve him back, Tyrant was pulling her into the bus. She stumbled up the steps, tightening her grasp on Tyrant's hand fearing she may fall. While Tyrant was giving the aforementioned girl the finger, Fiona watched from the corner of her eyes how Alexandra crawled past beneath a pedestrian's step and up a building before disappearing from sight. She heaved a sigh of relief seeing that her beetle was safe from harm. However, as her heart still mourned the lost of Alexandra, Fiona followed dejectedly while Tyrant walked her to an empty seat. She was half listening when he started talking to her again but her eyes lit when she had heard his question. "My soulmate, actually. I'm looking for my soulmate." She answered happily in a matter-of-fact tone.

    Out of nowhere, Anna suddenly appeared in front of them, her face flushed and sweaty. The other passengers stared at her curiously, some not even bothering to be discrete as they pointed at her openly. Offering a sweet smile, Fiona greeted her and tugged at her shirt. "Hello again, Anna. Have a seat beside me."

  14. Characters in this post:
    She was panting heavily while she wiped off her sweat with the back of her hand. She knew how messy she looked when Ty suddenly took a picture of her phone. Something sparked inside of her when Ty mockingly complimented her. She knew he was only joking but she couldn't help but to feel all buttery up. She shook that thought out of her head, quickly. What the hell was I thinking, she thought.

    When Ty was oh-so-kindly wiping her sweats off, she took his hand and bit it, hard. He let out a yelp, trying to escape from her grasp. She, then, let go of his hand and said,
    "I will not be seated!". She glared at Ty again who was now rubbing his red hand with a bite mark. "What did you put inside my drink, last night?" she panted, ignoring at the stares and the pointing. She let out a big sighed and clutched her stomach. "On second thought, maybe I should sit down while listening to your explanation," she waved her hand to Fiona, "Scoot!". Then, she just flopped down into the bus seat with sighed of relief.

  15. Characters in this post:
    “Soulmate?? still believing on that?” as he was looking at Fiona in surprise “well I guess I hope you found that person” he don’t want to make an opinion when it comes to a person believing on something.

    While he was rubbing his right hand “damn I didn’t know duck grow out teeth” as he chuckles seriously if I got infected by your disease I am doom DOOM I tell you… I’m going to die soon” as he pretending to see the light, well he really did see it on the bus “a light bulb” as he mutter to himself.

    He then notice that he was being stared by everyone disgusted hearing about the drink “hey hey hey did you forgot that I only put Ice on it and when I heard you start talking nonsense stuff knowing that you are drunk already, well of course I’m a good guy after all so when I was about to take you home you suddenly yelling at me” as he stops and start to mimic Michaels while waving his hand “oh why you!! Get the fuck out of here” as he stops mimicking her ang grab the bus hand holder “then after that I left you and you start dancing with a guy that I don’t even know, maybe Jesse know about him or Leon, anyway maybe try asking Roy after all he is an honest guy and if you gave him his favorite candy I think he will tell you everything” As he sigh while rubbing his hand again “or better yet why don’t you ask him I mean the guy you slept with”.

    He saw a keychain stall as he tries to talk to the bus driver to wait for a minute, when the driver stop the bus he went out for 3 minutes as he got back, giving the bus driver a money and went to Michaels and Fiona as he give a beetle keychain to Fiona “like I said I’ll change your Alexandra or is it Alexander or Alex, well never mind” as he looks at Fiona “and you” as he look at Michaels, he gives a creepy duck keychain “try not getting mad again, cause if you do soon enough you will look like that” as he chuckles “you can throw that if you want” until he saw a vacant chair and sit there, as he was now talking to a grandma who is sitting beside him, like talking about jokes and hoping that the grandma don’t have a heart disease, he don’t want giving her a heart attack due to laughing.

  16. Characters in this post:
    Following Anna's and Tyrant's conversation, Fiona tried to piece together the information they were leaking, however, she felt she was once again intruding into their personal agendas so she tuned out their voices and spaced out into her own thoughts.

    "I wonder how Alexandra is doing," she mumbled quietly, unaware she had voiced her thought out loud. And as if she had said a magic spell, suddenly a beetle was conjured onto the palm of her hand. Blinking a few times and looking closely, Fiona started to realize it was a metal keychain, shaped like rhinoceros beetle. Glancing up from her hand, she saw that it was Tyrant who had placed the item into her hand. It wasn't really better like he had promised, she preferred a living insect but nonetheless, it was a very thoughtful gesture from him. Smiling gratefully, she thanked him for the gift. He didn't really needed to make it up to her since Alexandra belonged to him originally, anyway. Still, she can't help a smile as she scrutinized the keychain happily.

    Their bus halted to a stop. "Oh," Fiona exclaimed in surprise. Her surprise was quickly replaced with excitement as she scanned out the window. "We're here. Come on, Anna!" She started pulling Anna along with her as they made their way out from the bus. Her eyes shone as they took in the massive crowd. Fiona had always loved crowds. "So, what was it that you guys wanted to buy again? I'll just follow suit."

  17. Characters in this post:
    Anna was about to doze off while Ty went on and on about last night. This guy could go on forever, she thought while closing her eyes. Her heart rate went to back to its normal pace now that she had rested for a bit. When he told her she was dancing with a random guy and slept with him, she abruptly opened her eyes and looked up to Ty. "Do keep in mind that I do not sleep with anyone, last night!" she whispered, sternly. Her face flushed again. Not from embarrassment, but from anger.

    She closed her eyes again, too angry to look at Ty's face. Sometimes, he could be really thoughtless. He suddenly went to the bus driver and inconsiderately, asked him to stop for a while. What is he doing this time?, she thought, still closing her eyes. By the second she opened her eyes, a creepy-looking keychain duck was right in front of her. She took the keychain from his hand and smiled. She was about to say thanks but Ty was already sitting next to an old lady and non-stop talking to her. She looked down at the duck again and couldn't resist a smile. Maybe he's not so thoughtless after all.

    The bus finally stopped and Fiona dragged her out of the bus by surprise. It was no surprise that the mall was crowded since it was Sunday. She said to Fiona,
    "I don't know. I just followed you guys here without even thinking."

  18. Characters in this post:
    He saw the two girls left as he bid his farewell to that grandma, as he goes out of the bus. When he gets out of the bus, he stand at center of the two as he warps his arms to the both of them, as his right hand on Fiona shoulders while his left hand was on Michaels shoulder. “you guys are so mean” as he pouts “leaving me like that” as he looks at the people until he saw the headphone “ok guys do your thing here as I shall do mine” as he pats their shoulder and rashly going to the music shop, buying headphone.

  19. Characters in this post:
    When Tyrant left them for the music shop, Fiona just stared at his retreating figure, the feel of his touch still lingering on her shoulder.

    Huh, that was peculiar.

    Fiona shook her head slightly and ignored the strange feeling in her chest. Her cellphone beeped notifying a new text message. It was from her brother, asking her to buy milk.

    "I'm heading off too, Anna. As it turns out there is something to I need to buy too. Why don't you go check on Ty? I recalled him saying something about headphones." She glanced to her watch and made a mental calculation in her mind. "See you guys back here in an hour?"

  20. Characters in this post:
    Ty took Anna by surprised when he suddenly put his left arm around her. She couldn't help but to blush a bit. She covered her face with her hand and acted as if like nothing happen. She sighed in relief when Ty left her and Fiona to go somewhere. What the heck was that?, she thought, wondering why she acted that way.

    "Hey, how about we
    " she was about to ask Fiona when Fiona's phone beeped. Turned out she had to buy something, so she went off. Anna looked for Ty in a music store as she recalled that Fiona said something about headphone. She spotted the blonde guy as soon as she entered the store. Heck, she could spot him anywhere with that height of his. He was scrutinizing the headphone in his hand and comparing it to another one.

    She slowly crept behind him and pushed him a little.
    "Boo!" she said while laughing at Ty's reaction. He was so surprised that he dropped the headphones in his hands. Anna laughed so hard, she had to clutch her aching stomach. "You should have seen your face!" she laughed again.

  21. Characters in this post:
    After she had left Anna, Fiona went roaming around the new mall. She had trouble finding her way as she isn't one to have a sense of direction. But, she loved the feeling of getting lost. It's the feeling of not knowing what lies ahead that excites her. She loved surprises.

    She hummed as she walked and ran over people a few times. Instead of apologizing, Fiona would give out a greeting each time. "Hello, it was nice meeting you," she would say, a smile gracing her face. And they would look at her with confusion followed by a forgiving chuckle.

    After she had gotten her milk, she watched the large clock on the overhead counter. It didn't take too much time to pay for her purchase as people seemed more interested in window shopping instead of actual shopping. She realized she still had 35 minutes before her promised time with Anna and Tyrant so she decided to sit at a cafe and people watch.

    Her eyes traveled from one thing to another. Like watching a movie that was changing scenes. From a child stomping his feet, loudly demanding something from his mother who was looking around, her face flushed to a couple who were sharing a Mocha shake.

    Not today, I guess. she thought sadly as she finished her ice smoothie. She stared at the picture that was the wallpaper on her cellphone. I keep wondering how and when and why I haven't met you.
    Feeling dejected, she walked slowly back to the entrance.

  22. Characters in this post:
    He was being serious comparing headphones when suddenly someone surprises him as he drops the headphone “seriously? Michaels”. He sighs and gets the headphone “well I guess I’ll take this after all I drop it” as he pays for it and gets back to Michaels “so this is payback time? Anyway where is Fiona?”

    He went out while he puts his arms around your shoulder to not let the people bump you “damn too many people, are you going to buy something or wait for Fiona? I think I want to go home now and I already bought a new headphone.” as he gives a distance to make her feel comfortable.

  23. Characters in this post:
    Anna was still laughing when Ty paid the headphones. She wiped off her tears and sighed, "She went to buy something, I guess and she said to meet her at the entrance in an hour," she glanced at her watch, "We still have half an hour."

    They went out the store and was greeted by sea of people. It was too crowded. In a sudden, Ty put his arm around her. She jolted a bit by the sudden touch. Her face flushed again. Why does this keep happening?, she thought, acting normally but instead, her heart raced. He was so close to him, she could smell his scent. For someone who really likes to spend his time with bugs, he does have a really nice smell, she thought.

    She snapped out of her thoughts and replied,
    "Uhh yeah. I mean no, I don't have anything to buy. I think we should wait for her, you know. Since she said to meet at the entrance and all." She didn't even took a glance at Ty. She was afraid that he would notice her red face and made fun out of it.

  24. Characters in this post:
    There was a feeling of sadness that lingered on her. Only a fleeting feeling, dragging her down and tugging at her chest the moment she let herself drift slightly. It was always like this every time she comes out from her search, disappointed. Maybe it was the effect of her initial enthusiasm that caused her to feel a sort of emptiness after.

    Fiona caught sight of the two from afar. Perking herself up, she tapped their shoulders from behind. "I didn't think you'd guys would finish up so early. I think we can leave now. Your bus should be here in..." she glanced at her watch. "...10 minutes."

    My bus would arrive in 15, she thought to herself.

    "Let's go wait by the bus stop," she suggested, a smile drawn on her face that didn't quite reach her eyes.

  25. Characters in this post:
    “Err half an hour but I’m tired already and I hate crowded places” as he sighs and look around. “Too crowded, too crowded too crowded I wish Lemon Street explodes” as he keeps mumbling and cursing. As they went to a nearby side with a few people “phew that was tiring” as he leans on the wall and feels his stomach “damn now I miss Leon”.

    When someone tapped them, he turns around to look who it is “ooh thank god you are already here” as he stands up lively again, hearing Fiona’s suggestions about waiting at the bus stop “then let’s go” as he walks on the back of them while he texted Leon.

    “ Hey Leon(‐^▽^‐) can you make me a lasagna?
    Please… im hungry due to walking around (≧o≦) ”

    a guy who loves to put smiley’s on text message.

  26. Characters in this post:
    He put his phone inside his pocket, they were at the bus stop while he seated on the bench flopped out waiting for a bus. After a few minutes he then feels his mobile phone vibration in his pocket while he gets his phone and look at it, receiving a reply from Leon.

    He read Leon’s message as he replied him:

    "Dude we are at the Lemon Street I think there is no fresh vegetable here, looking at the crowded people it smell stinks (╥﹏╥),
    (¬▂¬) where are you buying vegetables anyway?

    P.S dude there’s a new release headphone at the Music Shop.

    As he sends it while he start playing games on his phone.

  27. Characters in this post:
    Fiona started swinging her legs subconsciously as they waited for the bus. Left, right, left, right. Tyrant was playing with his phone while Anna was sitting quietly beside her.

    "So," Fiona started, playing with a small silver spider she had found crawling up a sign post. She giggled as the spider crawled behind her fingers, tickling her skin. "When's your next concert?"

  28. Characters in this post:
    Leon chuckled at Roy's reaction to the statement as he walked over to the door. Again, his phone vibrated and he jumped, rather freaked out. He didn't know why he kept putting his phone in his back pocket, even though it kept surprising him. Sometimes the other band members like messing with him by sending him text messages constantly- like Ty for an example.

    Nevermind about that. I'll get it myself. Roy and I are going over to the music store. Need anything?

    He sighed and then put it into his back pocket once more, allowing the never ending surprise cycle go on for another round.

    He opened the door and then waited for the green haired young man to come out before he shut the door and locked it. The put the cold silver key into his front pocket and then he looped his thumbs through his belt loops, starting to walk down the hallway.

    Soon, they were just a block away from the music store, walking along the sidewalk with stands set up with little trinkets and stuff on it. It was all obviously made very cheaply, and everything was rather cheap as well.

  29. Characters in this post:
    Anna was observing around, watching the busy road as the cars passing by. Her heart was still racing and she still wasn't sure what is the cause of it. She snapped out of her thought when Fiona asked something, "Uhh what? Oh the concert. Not sure. Jesse was in charge of the schedule and all. But there's a band practice at 4pm today." she said, still looking at the road. "Can't miss it or Jesse's gonna explode." she chuckled. Glancing at her watch, it was already a quarter to two.

    She turned to look at Fiona when she saw a spider, crawling around her hand. She screamed on impulse and squealed,
    "Ththere's a spider on your hand!" she pointed at the spider. Instantly, she flicked the spider away and felt relief. Phew, that was a close one, she thought. She was about to boast about her bravery to Ty, but he was too indulged in his music and his new headphone.

  30. Characters in this post:
    Fiona watched in horror as Clarita the spider bounced off her hand and landed into a bush nearby. Sighing in defeat, she turned her attention back to road sadly. Her eyes caught the red bus that was heading their way.

    "Oh, your bus is here."

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