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LaLa Land ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Love story revolving around a band group.......

Tags: bands, love, teenagers

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Creator: Syrasya

Created: 06-13-2012, 05:52 AM


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    Fiona was walking in the streets alone. It was a Sunday and she wanted to roam the town by herself. It was bright and sunny, a beautiful and perfect day for a walk. She texted her friends and asked them what they were doing. Just as she was about to slide close her cellphone, her eyes catches the wallpaper. It was the picture of the guy she saw two years ago. Her soulmate. Fiona smiled and sighed wistfully.

    "I wonder, if today is the day I'm going to see him again."

  2. Characters in this post:
    The sun shone brightly up in the sky and tried to peek into the room where Anna was fast asleep through the window. It was Sunday, which was a day for Anna to wake up late. Eventually, the sunshine got her and woke her up. She opened her eyes slowly to an unfamiliar ceiling. She rubbed her eyes, trying to get rid of the blur sight. Maybe she seen it wrong or maybe she is still dreaming.She stretched and yawned a couple of time. Then, she finally sat up and realized that there was another guy on the bed. Her eyes went wide and she gasped silently. She didn't want to wake him up. He was snoring, softly and his face didn't even ring any bell which made her more freaked out. Thank goodness, she was not naked. She grabbed her bag pack and hurriedly escaped from the apartment.

    "Ooh, crap, crap, crap. Not in a million year, I would ended up in a bed with some random guy. What have I done? What happened last night?" she whispered under her breath. As she rambled endlessly, she bumped into a girl with a long white hair and fell on the street, hard.

    "Oh gosh! Ouch! I think I cracked my butt. I am so sorry. My mistake. I didn't see you there,
    " she said while trying to stand up.

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    Fiona blinked a few times after she had landed on the ground. The event just now surprised her as she tried to gather her composure. The pretty girl that had bumped into her was apologizing quickly in a flustered manner.
    Fiona smiled and lifted herself up. She brushed her jeans and held out her hands for the other girl to hold.

    "Don't apologize for something that had happened. It was destiny that brought us together like this. My name's Fiona. And you are?"

  4. Characters in this post:
    She grabbed the girl's hand and stood up, while rubbing her bottom to sooth the pain. As the girl introduced herself to her, Natsumi noticed how funny she talks. "Are you a hippie or something? What's with the destiny talks? By the way, I'm Anna. Nice to meet you," she smiled at her as she offered her hand to shake.

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    Fiona didn't feel offended by Anna's presumption of her. She was used to people questioning the way she talks. She laughed and shook her head, smiling.

    "No, not a hippie. But it'd be interesting to be one. I just believe that everything happens for a reason. That's why you don't have to feel sorry about it, is all."

    She accepted Anna's hand. "Nice to meet you too, Anna." That was when she recognized the blue eyes of her companion. "Oh my. You're Anna Michaels."

    Fiona mocked her head to the side and smiled softly. "This is an interesting encounter." She laughed easily again. Destiny can really be a funny thing, sometimes.

  6. Characters in this post:
    Anna shook Fiona's hand, gently, afraid that she might break her hand if she does it any harder. She looked really fragile and soft.

    She was startled when Fiona recognized who she was.
    "Oh, you know me?" she was not gonna lie that she was flattered that someone recognized her. The band only played a few concerts for the past two months and yet, some people remembers them. Besides, their album haven't come out yet. Not until this Summer.

    Suddenly, she realized how messy she must be looked. She tried hard to straighten her messy hair and her crumpled clothes. After all, she just got out of bed.
    "So do you live nearby?" she said, trying to act casual.

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    Fiona giggled as she watched Anna straightening herself out. "Yes. I've been to your concert once and I'm good with remembering faces. You are quite memorable yourself."
    She closed her eyes as she recalled that night. She started humming a tune. "There was a song. "Last Night's Lullaby", if I remember correctly. I was told by my friend it was written by you. Knowing you were the one who had written that song..." Fiona opened her eyes and locked her gaze on Anna. "Well, let's just say it was easier to remember your name afterwards."

    Turning her gaze to another direction, Fiona shook her head slowly. "No, I came here by bus. If you have some time right now, Anna, how about if we head out for lunch?"

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    He was up early as usual he didn't got enough sleep, he was laying on couch half naked while listening to some rock music with a max volumes. He didn't care about the others if they wake up and doesn't even care if the floors and tables are really in a big mess with foods everywhere like pizzas, junk foods and sodas. He got a big bucket that full of insect on top of his door so when somebody would comes in it will be a shower time for them. “I wonder what I should eat for breakfast maybe I should call Michaels, well maybe not” as he gets up and starts playing the psp.

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    Leon sighed when the usual rattling of the bed and the floors started up again. Well, Tyrant's up. he thought groggily as he pulled the pillow off of his head to stare at the ceiling. After a little while, the song changed, and the red head got off his lazy butt and he stood.

    His eyes went over his somewhat clean and somewhat messy room, with clothes littering desks and floors. The only problem was where he left his clothes, and there was nothing in the basket made just for that.

    He sighed some and then went to go scoop some of the smelly mess of fabrics and stains and dumped them mercilessly into their designated place. Afterwards, he went to go dig through his drawers to find something decent to wear for the day.

    There were no clean shirts for him, so all he had was a pair of pants and some boxers. I'll ask that asshole next door for a shirt, if he'd turn his music down some. he thought to himself. At least he has a good taste in music.

    The red head turned from his dresser and went on to the bathroom that was attached to his room. He turned on the shower and was in and out of it rather quickly. A quick look over in the mirror awarded himself with the confidence that came with being clean and a silly smirk left his lips. He brushed his bangs across his forehead before clipping them into place and then leaving the small steamy room.

    He went into the hallway, where the rattling was even mroe intense and he could hear the "pew pew" from a game he knew well. He kicked the door where it was coming from before pushing on the door to get it open some.

    "Hey! I wanna- Oh, holy- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SMELL?" he backed away as a bucket came tumbling down in front of him, just barely missing him and dumping a bunch of disgusting stuff onto the floor. He swallowed the lump of bile that was coming up his throat and sighed, shaking his head.

    "Nevermind. I'll get to work on breakfast, 'kay Ty?" He turned and left the crazed blonde to himself, going down the hallway to the kitchen they shared.

    Soon the smell of fried eggs, bacon and toast filled the air. No one- especially Tyrant- was not allowed into the kitchen unless they had the intention to clean up after themselves when they were done in there.

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    He was busy playing a game until when somebody kicked his door and the full bucket of insects was been scattered, as the insects start crawling everywhere but he don’t mind about it. As he look who might that bastard who kick his door “oh it’s just you” with his straight expression as he expecting somebody would be showering with insects today. He already knew why he was here as usual going to borrow clothes again and mumbles in a low tone “this guy is a mess when it comes to his clothes, well his an actor it’s a hobby I guess” he yawns while getting up and stretches his arms high as he throws the psp on the sofa. He grins when he heard that Leon would be the one who will cook again besides he is not good at cooking maybe he is but only exotic food as he taught. He goes to the bathroom when Leon was gone off to the kitchen, he quickly take a shower after that he goes to the closet of his it was in order even though he is a mess he was still neat when it comes to his things. He wore a blue checkered boxer and a full pockets black pant, as he grabs anything he touches just two shirts is what he needs. He smell Leon's cooking as his stomach grumble “man his really good at making my stomach grumble” He went down topless, his zipper is close but the button is undone while the belt is just hanging on his pants and his boxer is showing off as he go to the kitchen. “Man oh man, dude your good at cooking” even an egg he can’t cook as he place the two shirts on the side table “by the way just pick one, I don’t know what I grab but as long as it’s a shirt it’s fine” as he went to the refrigerator and grab a bottle of milk then gulp it. “I wonder how long does it take for this new cleaner to come” he mess his room a lot for the cleaners and make fun of them, making them work as a more slave but few weeks back he beat up some cleaner even though it’s a girl, he don’t like someone would touch his things without his permission or touch him too, so he beat up cleaners before. He gets a pen and sits down on the bar chair while doodling the news paper “hey are you not busy? Got work?” he mumbles as he keeps doodling and answering the puzzle on the back of the newspaper to make something more interesting for him.

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    Fiona explained how she knew her and told her she likes listening to Last Night's Lullaby. It was so nice of her to like one of their song. "Yeah... Well, actually my friend, Leon, and I worked on the song together. So, it's not a big deal." she said, scratching her head and literally, turned red due to embarrassment. I gotta tell Leon about this, he'll be thrilled to know that someone's complimented our song, she thought.

    As Fiona offered her to go for lunch, sadly, she had to refuse. She needed to take a shower or at least clean herself up, remembering that she just woke up in someone's random bed in a random apartment. Just the thought of it made her shivered to her spine.
    "No, I got umm... some work to do with the members. Maybe some other time? Here's my number. Tomorrow maybe?" she scribbled her number in a piece of paper which she found in her bag pack and put the paper in Fiona's hand. "Gotta go, now. Bye!" she said. She didn't wait for her to respond. After a few feet away, Anna turned around and waved her goodbye. She didn't know if Fiona will ever call her. After all, if they're destined to meet again, then maybe they will.

    Anna arrived at the Band's dorm. "Morning, Ty. Morning, Leon." she greeted her fellow members. Leon was cooking in his kitchen while Ty was doodling on a newspaper. The smells was definitely delicious, but she had sorted her priority first; shower. Besides, she needed to avoid from being interrogated by her members, just in case they got curious. She went straight to her room and hit the shower.

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    Fiona didn't mind that Anna had to reject her offer. She was probably busy with something else, she understood that. She was happy when Anna had given her her number. A new friend, she thought. When Anna left her alone, Fiona decided to head to the nearby cafe for lunch. Her stomach was growling, begging to be fed. Just as she was about to walk away, she noticed a stuff toy laying on the ground. It was a pink bear playing a guitar. She figured Anna must've dropped it when she was taking out the paper to write her number. Picking it up, Fiona tried to call to Anna to return it but she was too far a distance to hear her. Pocketing the two items ; the paper and the toy, she ran behind Anna and followed her.

    From afar, Fiona saw Anna entered a tall building and closed the glass door behind her. Reaching there, she realized it was automatically locked. She sighed in defeat and mumbled to herself, "Maybe I could return it to her when I see her afterwards."

    Just at that moment, someone from the building opened the glass door as he was walking out. The man noticed her standing there and held the door open for her. "Are you coming in?"

    This is destiny.

    She walked in and before the man left, she took the chance to ask him if he knew where Anna had went, saying she was a friend of hers.

    "Anna Michaels from the band? She's in No 43."

    Taking the lift the get there, Fiona smiled to herself as she thought how well things had gone. When she reached room No 43, she was surprised to see the door was opened. She hesitated in the hallway for a moment before deciding to go in.

    It was a very large room with more personal rooms inside. Coming under the door from one of the nearest room to her right was a small beetle. Fiona's eyes lit up from her love of small insects. Curious, she opened the door and had a pleasant surprise to encounter a carpet of a variety of insects greeting her on the floor.
    For her, it was like a little kid opening a closet door to Narnia.

  13. Characters in this post:
    Roy sat there in the middle if his bed. His arms reached up past his head as he stretched out, trying to get the kinks out of his body and to wake him up full from his sleep. His shaggy green hair was a mess, it had looked as if he had just come through a tornado. Though, it was always like that when he woke, bad dreams he guessed. He didn't waste a second to pull out his miniature keyboard. He always played right when he woke up, it became a habit to him ever since he was little.

    Okay okay, What shall I play today..? He cracked his fingers before laying the keyboard down in front of him. He then played out how he wanted the music to sound in his mind. He rested his fingers on the corresponding keys, and began to play.

  14. Characters in this post:
    Fiona started as the soft notes of music beat into her eardrums. The sound made her remember where she was and what she wanted to do. She had to find Anna and return the stuff toy. What was she doing here on the floor playing with insects?

    "Snap out of it!" she scolded herself as slapped her forehead. "It's just bugs! Don't get distracted! It's just beetles and worms... and black moths... and crickets and spiders..."
    And that was when she lost herself again.

  15. Characters in this post:
    He was busy answering his puzzle word as soon as he was about to finish the puzzle as he look at the door when it opens and Michaels comes in “yo” as he said while finishing his masterpiece again “did you have fun last night?” as he chuckles when Michaels just went upstairs hurriedly. He makes an origami with the news paper and goes to the kitchen table “hey look Leon, I’m good right?” being proud showing his paper airplane he made. He heard Roy playing the piano again as usual every morning but it’s really nice hearing him play, as he shouts “Roy get down right here after you finish playing, I’m going to show you something” . He went to the side table to grab the two shirts and look at it “which one do you like? The pink one with a bear or the sky blue with a baby duck or is it a chicken?” as he looking at it more. “Dude this shirt is priceless I don’t even know what the fuck is this” as he pointing the chicken duck. He heard someone talks about bugs but he thought maybe it was there neighbor after all he was busy focusing if it's a chicken or a duck.

  16. Characters in this post:
    As she was hurriedly went to her room, she managed to catch Ty's comment and in a second, her face flushed again. She didn't want to answer Ty's query, so she just kept walking. Besides, she didn't even remember much about last night.

    She got into the shower and tried to figure out what happened last night. However, all she could recall was they were doing their concert, last night. It was a great success. The feedback from the audience was fantastic. She remembered her playing her guitar, Leon sang beautifully, Roy was rocking his keyboard and Ty with his drum. After that, they went to the after party. From there, everything started to get hazy.

    Tried hard as she could, she couldn't remember anything. Frustrated, she turned off the shower and put on some fresh clothes. She got out of the room and went to the kitchen as her stomach growled hungrily. She sat next to Ty, pretending like nothing had happened.
    "Leon, may I have some of those, please? I'm famished!"
    Then, she turned to Ty "And Ty, that is obviously a duck."

  17. Characters in this post:
    He was wondering about the duck chicken when suddenly Michaels is sitting beside him “is this really a duck?” As he looks at it closely and he look at Michaels and the shirt again, Michaels and the shirt again “no wonder you knew about this shit, is this you’re lost sibling? You two are much look alike” as he chuckles “I decided it’s a duck chicken from now on” insisting he is right as he puts down the shirt. He suddenly remembers something as he got a big grin on his face and look at Michaels more “so how was last night?” you should tell us more about it? Did you have fun? You should hear about this Leon” his having fun teasing Michaels about it like asking to many questions. “ and Leon I’m hungry” as he look at Leon who is still cooking “Mr. Actor I’m hungry” as he repeat it again while he puts his head down on the table “by the way Michaels my room is a mess” as he close his eyes while waiting for the food.

  18. Characters in this post:
    Ty was looking back and forth between her and the duck shirt. Then, he suggested that she and the duck is related. Oh typical Ty, she thought. "Ha-Ha! Very funny Ty. I supposed now I have to eat bread crumbs since I'm half duck." she mocked a laughter.

    He finally came into a conclusion and had decided that it was a duck chicken shirt. Anna just laughed at Ty's silliness and just when she was about to forget last night, there goes Ty again. Asking about it non-stop. Her face flushed again. Oh God! Help me, she thought, all panicky.
    "Wh-what? Nothing happened last night. Wh-what are you t-talking about?" she stammered. She went all flustered and her head was about to explode with so many thoughts. She was freaking out and out of the blue, she exclaimed, "If I clean your room, would you stop asking?"

  19. Characters in this post:
    As he was about to fell asleep he heard Michaels comment, as he peeks on Michaels face with a teasing look “ohh why? Is there something happened that you can never be tell?” as he grins, he already knew Michaels is hiding something when it comes to her expression. “ohh and by the way you’re a wild girl last night no wonder your use to see us naked“ as he laughs on his own jokes wanting to annoy Michaels more. “Is he goo__” He stops his questions when he heard about the cleaning part “ohhh are you really going to clean it? Can you?” as he asks her challengingly. Well its okay for him making his room cleaned by the members besides they know what things can they touch on his room, He just don’t like someone just barging in his room without his permission and touching his stuffs. "quack quack" as he tease Michaels.

  20. Characters in this post:
    Fiona felt really guilty for what she had done. It was fine up till then, but she knew that sneaking into this room without permission was certainly inexcusable. I mean, who'd believe her if she was to say she was just following the beetle? It was ridiculous even by thinking it in her head. She looked around the room and realized how messy it was. She wasn't too startled by the mess as she was used to seeing her brothers' room.

    Consequently, she began gathering the bugs and placing them slowly into the bucket that had been laying not too far from the spot. After she was done, she placed it on the side of the door and evaluates the room. She grabbed the small trash bin and began picking up the empty cans littering the floor. She continued with the rotten food and dirty pizza boxes. She did it carefully as to not disturb the other items in the room. She remembered how sensitive her brothers were regarding their belongings. It made her smile thinking about them.

    "I wonder if they had eaten yet." With that thought, her stomach growled loudly, reminding her of her hunger.

  21. Characters in this post:
    She knew she was as red as a lobster when Ty asked her again about last night. When Ty said she was used to seeing them naked, she squealed and covered his mouth with her hand. "No! That is not true! I could never ever let myself seeing you guys naked. Let alone some random guy." she let go off Ty and stood up, "Oh! How hard can it be? It's just cleaning your room." She glared at Ty again when he made a quack sound.

    "Let's see how messy your room is." she retorted. She walked into Ty's room and screamed loudly. It took her by surprised when she saw a girl with white hair in his room. "Ty! Why are you keeping a girl in yo--?" she stopped mid sentences when she realized it was Fiona.

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    Fiona startled herself by the sound of a loud scream. She turned around and saw that the owner of the voice was Anna. Anna looked completely flabbergasted to see her. Her eyes wide and her jaw hanging. FIona knew she must had caught her by surprise because of her sudden appearance. This was the time for her to apologize and explain the reason she was there. However, seeing Anna's expression, Fiona couldn't suppress a giggle from escaping her lips. And that giggle consequently turned into full on laughter. She laughed so hard she had to sit down just to contain it. Finally regaining composure, Fiona brushed a tear from her eyes as she stood up again and grinned. Holding out they stuff toy she had taken out from her pocket, she said,
    "We meet again. Funny how destiny works, huh?"

    As if on cue, her stomach grumbled for the umpteenth time. Biting her lower lip, she looked up at Anna and smiled sheepishly.
    "You don't happen to have anything to eat, do you?"

  23. Characters in this post:
    He was having fun with Michaels pissed face, he smirks when he heard her comment about the naked random guys “well I guess you’re not even concerned that you we’re being surrounded by topless guys even right now and one of us is an actor, guess what you’re kind of lucky” as he laughs “and of course we got a deal between asking questions about last night but not with the quack quack thing” as he burst out laughing, until Michaels would gone off to his room.

    He felt really hungry waiting for Leon so he start eating the apple in front of him, as he was eating it, he heard Michaels loud voice again.

    “everything alright there? Or are you starting to give up?” smirking as he bites the apple “ohh yah I hide a duck in there” as he finishing Michaels sentence with his. He heard someone laugh not the voice of Michaels but maybe just his imagination as he taught while he turns on the radio.

  24. Characters in this post:
    Hmm? Roy had heard Ty calling up to him. He sighed and finished the song. He then put the small keyboard back where it had first been and hopped out of bed. He was only wearing his rainbow striped boxers, but he had no effort this early in the morning to go and put on something less vulnerable.

    He walked to his door, opened it and then waled out down the hall towards the staircase. He looked down to see a bug. Roy never cared for bugs, in fact he was terrified of them. He took double steps down the stair and rushed into the kitchen and practically hopped onto Ty's lap.
    Whaa get em' out! why the hell are there bugs in the damn house?!

    Roy clung onto Ty like his life depended on it, his feet were tucked up under his chin and he started to shake a little. Ty! Get em' out!!!

  25. Characters in this post:
    Leon sighed and shook his head at the scene before looking over at Roy and Ty. Some random girl was in their house and Anna was back. Might as well cook some more. he thought.

    "And, Ty, there's no way in hell that I am going to wear one of those shirts. I'll just do some laundry today." he said as he started to serve up the food that he was cooking. A few plates were finished up and served on the bar. He pulled out the silverware drawer and placed it beside the plates.

    "Roy, calm down. They're just bugs. Ty, you will be responsible for any damage those fucking bugs have on the house. You will have to pay for it." Leon frowned some and then went back to cooking.

    Why is it almost always like this? he thought tiredly. He didn't know why he put up with all of this.

    "And I have a meeting today with my manager. I might be playing a role in some movie or something, so make sure that you are out of the dorm then, so I can know that my kitchen is safe." he stressed the word safe and glared at almost everyone in the room, making eye contact with who he could.

    "So, everyone calm down and enjoy some fucking breakfast." He finished up what eh was cooking and then turned off the stove. He grabbed a plate and went to go sit down on the cluttered couch.

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    //ooc : Its Belle's (Anna) birthday today! Guysss do me a favor and wish her please. x3//

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    Jesse wandered into the kitchen of the communal dorm rooms area carrying a cardboard drink holder with six cups of coffee in it from the coffee shop down the road. In his other hand he held his keys, which he tossed on the counter. Over his shoulder a small dufflebag hung with a pair of sneakers hanging from the handle by the joined shoelaces. He plucked one of the cups from the tray, then pulled out each in turn, setting them on the counter. Each one was marked with the preparation just the way the boys who shared the area. There was one for each of them and one extra- prepared for Anna. "Morning everyone," he said taking a sip of his coffee- black with no frills or whistles.

    Jesse was wearing a pair of baggy knee length gym shorts and a tank top. Not a wife beater shirt, but something slightly more classy than that. It had a 10k Charity run logo on the front "Put the Pieces Together - 10k Autism Run". By his current state, it was more than obvious that he had just finished his work-out at the gym and had stopped to get coffee for everyone on the way back. "Morning Anna. Surprised to see you here." He grinned broadly offering her the cup of coffee (or coffee drink) he had picked up for her, suddenly noticing there was a plus one in their kitchen. "Ah...well, um, hi. Sorry, I didn't know we were going to have anyone else. But, I think I have a powerbar or something...you look too young for coffee anyway. Don't want to stunt your growth with all that nasty caffeine and carcinogens or whatever it is those old wive's tales say."

    He looked at the food and frowned. "Who cooked?" he asked, pulling an all natural dried fruit and nut bar (blueberry macadamia hippie granola something or other according to the packaging) from his bag and opening it. He looked at it, then at the food then back to the bar and took a bite of it.

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    The food was amazing. Fiona was fairly happy for the, umm, invitation. She tried to hide her smile thinking about what had happened earlier.

    "Hello." She replied as a guy who had just walked in acknowledged her. She recognized him as the band's bassist. "It's okay, I don't drink coffee. And I have to turn down the powerbar as well. I'm already intruding too much."

    And Fiona was sorry for disturbing them this way. She wouldn't have done it if she wasn't so starved. But, she knew that it was definitely fate that had been running it's course. So she wasn't too guilty for how things had turned out.

    "I thank you for having me. And for the meal. It was really great." Well, the toast was a bit burnt, but it would be rude to point that out.
    "I apologize for entering your room without permission, Drummer-san. To make up for it, I cleaned the bugs for you. And also the leftovers and the empty cans." Anna had informed her of the owner of the room she was in earlier. "And I promise you I didn't disturb anything else." She added hastily, remembering her fight with her brother last month when she had thrown away his baseball cards by accident while she was cleaning his room. "All of you have shown me so much hospitality and I couldn't possibly ask for anything more."

    "It's just..." she started, hesitating whether or not she should voice out her request. Slowly, she slipped her hand into her pocket and took out a small insect the size of stone. It was the dung beetle she first saw when she had entered the house. "Can I... keep this?"

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    He was having fun until he saw Roy running down “Morni____” as Roy hopped on his lap “wow your too clingy today it’s too early or you just want to touch my dear body” as he burst out laughing and talk to himself “man it’s morning but god how many times did I laugh” until he saw a bug on Roy’s shoulder and flicks it off “it’s gone now, now get the fuck off me or do you want…” as he tease him and warps his arms on Roys while looking at him “or do you want me to throw you in a bathtub that full of insects?”

    When he heard Leon about the shirt he look at him as he laughs “dude if you are going to complain just hire a fucking fashion designer that will baby sit you” his ears twitched when he heard about paying the house as he puts down his head on Roy’s head “no it’s not my fault, for your info I got insects but they were inside the bucket right? And may I ask whose the person who make them free?” as he burst out laughing again, he just don’t want to pay for the damages. “ohh what movie? Is it a complaining father?” as he smirks when Leon glared at them he just sigh “no wonder you’re the king of kill joy” when Leon is finish cooking, he really wants to eat but he felt his stomach is already full but kind of sleepy besides he didn’t get enough sleep “ nah I'm already full” as he throws the apple and went inside the bin “3 points yah!”

    When he saw Jesse with a coffee “Morning dude, let me have one I’m still sleepy” he can’t get up because of Roy, but when Jesse puts down the coffee in front of him then he grabs his coffee with milk and choco. “ohh this is delicious” as he look the logo..he saw Jesse entering his room “ohh by the way Jesse she would be thanking you a lot cause Michaels really need that, she didn’t get enough sleep” laughingly.

    He saw someone going out in his room with unfamiliar face, he was going to yell at her but when she did explain, he just forget about it thinking a friend of Michaels but what the fuck in my room as he taught. Be thankful that Roy is on his lap with an awkward position they have not beating her up. “nope you can’t have it” as he bluntly blurt it out.

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    He ignored Ty's comments when he realized nothing informational was coming out of his mouth. It was rather annoying how he would just talk and talk, but on a rare ocassion, he was actually entertaining. He just kept on eating as if nothing had happened, trying to direct Roy and Ty's attention away from him when they asked who knocked over the bucket. Oh god dammit, he's a asshole. he thought bitterly as he visciously ripped a piece of bacon in half before stuffing on half into his mouth.

    Someone asked who cooked and he raised his hand as he shoved a bit into his mouth. He chewed for a moment before swallowing the many flavors that was on his tongue.

    "I did." he said simply, before a whiff of a familiar bitter smell made its way over to his side of the room. He immediately perked up and tried to spot where the smell was coming from. Target spotted.

    Leon got up from the couch and ran over to where all the coffee was. He checked the labels and then quickly found his, a smile just dancing across his lips. He loved his coffee, no matter what it was and he loved whoever brought them coffee at the moment, since they brought him what he absolutely loved the most.

    He cracked an evil laugh as he walked back to the couch in a silly way, obviously now in a really good mood.

    "Oh my fucking god, I love you right now, Jesse!" he sighed after he took a sip of the warm drink. It was a different flavor, but he didn't mind at all. As long as it was coffee, he loved it.

    When he realized what he said, his cheeks kinda warmed up some. So maybe he did have a bit of a... childish crush on him. But they would kinda switch out every once in a while when he truly knew that he couldn't win them over.

    Well, with a cold heart like your's and the fact that you're an actor doesn't really help. They never know when what you say is true or if its fake. he reminded himself. He took another sip and the tint was soon gone.

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