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Taking the Chance (Accepting magical characters)

Living the life of a teenager is not easy here in the little town of Alota Days- especially when you're as abnormal as it gets. Students who are wealthy can go to Alota Days High School and have the time of their lives and students who are here on a scholarship can get the best education they can, weather they are human or supernatural.......

Tags: fun, high school, humor, learning, school, students, teachers

Character Approval: Yes

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: Ursue7

Created: 06-16-2011, 04:11 PM


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Game Log in Swimming Pool and Weight Room

The Sports Complex's swimming pool. In a glass room to the side, there is a weight room.

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    Anaya entered the large room quietly. She sucked into the locker room and changed quickly into her bathing suit. When she was done, she stuffed her belongings into a locker and slammed it shut. She then grabbed her towel and left the cramped room for the large pool.
    She walked over to the edge of the pool and stood there silently. She stared into the water for a moment and then up at one of the glass walls. She watched a young man practice in the dojo. After watching for a bit longer, she saw that it was Edge. With a small gasp, she smiled.
    She stepped silently over to the room, watching the red head from the doorway. "You're really good." she said when he seemed not as concentrated as he was before.

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    Anaya smiled meekly and shrugged. "Ah... New physical therapy the doctors wanted to try out." she said quietly. She ran a hand though her hair, somewhat nervously.
    She was a bit jittery from the whole idea of finally being able to watch Edge practice sword-fighting. It had been 2 months since school had started, and she still hadn't seen what Edge could do. Everything was insane with school, with homework piling up and student council was getting ready for the dance. She cursed in her mind as she forgot to go check the dress shop for the green dress she had liked so much.
    "And you?" she asked.

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    Anaya blushed some at the thought of what she would be wearing. "Well... Its a masquerade..." she said quietly, looking down. "You'll have to find me..." she looked back up at him and a slight smile. She liked the whole fact that she could be someone that she wasn't tomorrow night. She bit her lip and looked back down. "I'll be wearing a green dress..." she mumbled. It was a definite that she wanted to dance with Edge.

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    Exquisite... I've forgotten how much I love his vocabulary... She bit her lip and looked down with a slight smile. He seemed very excited to know about what kind of dress she was wearing. "That," she said with a soft laugh. "You will have to find out for yourself."
    When the air conditioning came on, she jumped some and shook her head some. She was really jumpy right now. With a quiet giggle, she shook her head and rubbed her goosebumpy arms. She looked up at him as he said his last comment. It had made her smile more then she was already.

    (Edge reminds me of William Winters from Eternal Eden.)

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    Anaya blushed lightly, her eyes going wide at the thought of him peeking while she was getting dressed. Had he done that before? No... he couldn't have... She was always up at 4:30 in the morning so she could go to the dance studio... She suddenly felt his warmth embrace her, his arms wrapped around her thin waist. She pressed her cheek to his chest, and wrapped her arms around his back, glad for the bit of warmth. His shirt was damp with sweat, but she really didn't care. "I guess you could, but that would ruin the fun." she mumbled against his shirt.

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    Anaya smiled some and snorted quietly, almost silently. Her cheeks were now a bright red. It had been a while since the two were able to talk like this. And every word he spoke replayed in her mind, bouncing off each part of her brain and echoing about. She loved the sound of his voice...
    "Sounds like a plan..." she muttered without thinking.

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    Anaya smiled some, enjoying his warmth for just a little bit longer. She sighed, feeling him tug on her hair gently. Pulling away some, she looked up at him. "I better back to my physical therapy..." she mumbled.

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