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The WTF Multiverse

WTF RPG.com's very own chaotic Multiverse. Come practice rpging or look for a quick gaming fix.......

Tags: alternate dimensions, chaos, freeform, megaverse, multi-genre, multiverse, parallel universes, universe, unlimited

Character Approval: No

Player Level: Beginner

New Players: Open

Creator: WTF RPG Staff

Created: 03-30-2011, 07:51 AM


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Game World

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- The Lobby -   ( 11 posts )
A generic room, quite like the waiting room of a doctor's office. The walls are an inoffensive blue. The floors of well-worn wood planking. The chairs the sort you buy in bulk. The art on the walls placid prints of landscapes or still lives.
Multiverse City   ( 7 posts )
You made it - the big city!
MVC Official District   ( 0 posts )
Official-type places, like administration buildings and police headquarters and such.
Multiverse City High   ( 0 posts )
Go MVC High!
Multiverse City University   ( 0 posts )
Higher education in the Multiverse.
The Bad Part of Town   ( 2 posts )
Not someplace the unwary would want to walk around alone at night in. Probably not a good place for them to walk around in during the day, for that matter...
Abandoned Building   ( 1 posts )
You never really know what you'll find in an abandoned building. That's not a recommendation.
City Streets   ( 0 posts )
Not necessarily the 'rough' side of town, but we're not recommending little old ladies walk around here after dark either.
City Sewers   ( 2 posts )
Under the city streets lives a network of passageways that some people find more useful than the pathways above.
The Tenements   ( 0 posts )
Housing suitable for those who can't afford to move on up.
The Good Side of Town   ( 0 posts )
Generally very clean, safe, and pleasant.
City Park   ( 8 posts )
Lovely no matter what time of the year.
The Gentleman's Mansion   ( 0 posts )
The posh are particularly welcome here.
Space   ( 0 posts )
Space... It used to be the final frontier.
A Strange Alien Planet   ( 1 posts )
Can't get much more alien than this.
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Places 1 to 15 of 31

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