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May 10
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In the 11th dimension; because I'm cool like that 8D
Martial Arts, writing, ice skating, drawing, composing music
Student, volunteer



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    A completely new world where all people - old, young, blind, paralyzed, deaf - can learn how it is to be on an adventure. Leap into new virtual world - Antiva Chronus Online.
    It’s 2405, in L'Ère de la Dentelle, and a phenomenon has just occurred…
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    World War III wrecked havoc on our planet. Along came consequences: the annihilation of the majority of the population and the uninhabitability of the world. The uninhabitable, radiation-filled zones are collectively called the "Corruption Garden," and thats where the game 's played. Riders battle in Hollies and Photons, some for entertainment, others for blood.
    Eternal Dusk - Adult
    A private RP between Mizu and Xavi involving supernatural beings, the undead, and a human that is much too spiritual for his/her own good.
    In times of strife, evil will typically flee to the shadows seeking safety and solace, but there they will only find us waiting for them. We are the agents of justice hidden in the shadows. We are Legacy
    A full storehouse of superstitious science-fiction and factual fantasy in the form of stories created by Enkerzed, role-playing and tandem-storytelling entrepreneur extraordinaire. Massive World-Building Project. Multiple Plots and Ages. Potential for group roleplays and 1x1.
    Story of Us - Adult
    By intermediate, I mean a paragraph (four+ sentences) or two (or more) each post. - Welcome to Itya, we are a small town but don't for one second think we are boring. After all how many small towns can say that they have an alien ship residing under their City Hall? Sure many can say they have elves, demons, and animal people but none can say aliens live in their town, that is what makes us so special.

    #HONORARY Lilac   (played in Project DOWNUNDER)
    Why do I walk on this earth?
    Aiko "Ai" Shimamiya   (played in Hide them, Keep them safe.)
    Give me shit, and I'll give you shit. That's the motto, dude.
    Aizuru "Alice" Seridian   (parked in character pool)
    I kill. I kill whoever they tell me to. I shoot and disappear. I am an assassin. I am... a wraith.
    Alice Carlene "Ai" Seridian   (played in Legacy)
    I kill. I kill whoever they tell me to. I shoot and disappear. I am an assassin. I am... a wraith.
    Alphonse The Seer   (played in Eternal Dusk)
    I see your future; would you care to let me guide you?
    Arien "Ari" Klein   (played in Eternal Dusk)
    I'm no philosopher when it comes to life even if I'm some "spiritualist" or whatnot. Crazy Grandma...
    Eva Valentinovich Kopytina   (played in Corruption Garden [WIP])
    Don't be fooled by the cute face. This one is the fearless rider of Rozen Halion!
    Eve Gallinger-Prium   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    You can see; but you cannot see. I cannot see, but I can see.
    Lucille "Lucy" Ikarian   (parked in character pool)
    I am merely a servant working for the Hunt family... But I harbor a secret. A secret that can force an execution upon my head.
    NPC: Narrator   (played in Eternal Dusk)
    Only here to catch us up on the events in the RP if any of us needs a refresher.
    Somnia   (played in Antiva Chronus Online)
    The silent wind cuts deepest
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