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    Augest Nights - Adult
    Do not allow the title to fool you. This is a world based around a notorious club owner Liam Augest, a man who runs the most exotic and successful club in the modern world. Its clientele spans from the extremely wealthy, to the various types of mobsters, it is quite the business. The club offers services to many races, however for every service Mr. Augest has a price that must be paid.
    These are but a few stories in the desert world of Amara, and in time, when their final pages have turned, they will be buried in the sand and it would be as though they never happened at all.
    you can read but you can't post
    Take a look. Where you ask? Exactly where you don't want to look. Where you never want to look,The corner of your eye. I want you to see what is hidden from your view,do you see it yet? Good! Now... Look behind you.
    This is about two sisters who made a deal and now years later things are coming to a head. Who knows what will happen......A male had finally showed up into their lives. Who is he? Is he a descendent from the male that had caused this mess to begin with? What is the reason behind the deal that the sisters have made? What is the deal with the butler that is in the middle of it all?

    Amber "Vixen" Hunter   (parked in character pool)
    The mutant Ranger found her peace on what she likes to call her little slice of heaven as Rancher.
    Amethyst Moonstone   (played in Eternal Sands - Closed)
    Magic will do what it will.
    Emery Cloud Igarashi   (played in Wicked Doll House)
    Muscian, mainly I sing.
    Hunter McAlister   (played in Private Crack RP Between Ameika, Ascadelia and Sha)
    Gotta love the good ole country.
    Josephina Rose Winchester   (played in Wicked Doll House)
    I am the White Witch.
    Kaih Ava Rowan   (parked in character pool)
    Do not beguile me for I have seen.
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