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    That would work then! And the fire element works well too!
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    Well, I wanted someone to be a prisoner as I wanted this story to be a bit darker than the last. The child is going to bring a sense of light to things but will soon learn how cruel the world can be and will struggle throughout the story. The princess will have to chose between saving the world and pleasing her parents.

    So there's really just a lot of struggle for those characters.
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    sounds like my schedule! XD
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    me too!! ugh school work is so annoying
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    how are you?
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    So I'm doing a sequel to Don't Let Your Hope Fade. Wasn't sure if you wanted to maybe apply again?
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    In a world of 'normals', it is hard for others to survive. They are burned at the stake, chased down, drowned, and many other horrid things. They are outcasts; rejects. No one seems to care about them. Thats how they end up here, in Teelu.
    Heaven and Hell are the least of your problems...
    A group of vampires, witches, wizards, and shapeshifters live together in a small town, far from the normal people who are so feared and hated.
    Welcome to Colville Private Academy, where only the most elite or most talented from around the world are allowed to walk the halls. If you've received this invitation to join The Colville Academy Host Club, then congratulations, you're desirable asset to even those who have it all.
    Dear Alice - Adult
    Alice is back, and a sweet horror has been waiting for her.// A roleplay allowing you to go as mad as you wish.// Have some fun together, lovely psychos
    Those involved would say that their day started off rather plain and boring. However, when things took a turn for the worse, these so-called DigiDestined were sucked into a Digital World. The only way back home is to save the DigiWorld from the brink of destruction.
    Private RP between Ven and MKF
    A private RP Between Xavi and MoonKissedFlower
    Heroes' League - Adult
    A team of self-proclaimed heroes has been put together with the ultimate purpose of making this world a safer place. They may succeed, but only if they can overcome politics, chronic lack of funds, villains and each other! Set in an alternate version of our Earth, this story is about the constant battle to define what makes a someone a hero or the villain.
    A 1x1 Western Between Telemachn and MoonKissedFlower
    What starts as a normal high school day suddenly turns wrong when your field trip goes awry. The adults start dying and the cars start crashing, how you survive is a sheer miracle. The weird kid from school somehow saved you all, but what do you do now? What's going on outside?
    Once upon a time, a group of 6 dragons with the powers of the elements ruled the world by inspiring fear and terror in all others, and everyone feared their reign would last forever if it didn't destroy the world first... However, one day, these 6 dragons would disappear from the earth presumably forever, thought to either be dead or sealed away, allowing everyone and everything to prosper again once more. It is now modern times, and the story of the 6 dragons of the elements has faded into obscure myth along with everything else that is considered mythical, only really known to those who know now about the fact magic still exists. And the stirrings of their great powers have been felt throughout recently, suggesting that they will one day soon return to rule the earth again. This time, the modern world would completely be at a loss compared to their might, and be destroyed... unless 6 heroes arise and come together to defeat them in time before they once again to have their full powers...
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    Alice   (played in Dear Alice)
    When did this dream become such a nightmare?
    Alice Annabelle Lee   (played in The perfect pet~ Private)
    work in progress
    Annabelle McCallister   (played in Outlaw Tales - Private-)
    Work in Progress
    Aria   (played in Soren's Revenge)
    All I want is just to make a friend.
    Hayden   (played in The Day They Saw the Sun)
    The silent optomist. She'd make you smile all the time, if only you could understand her.
    Hayden Jessup   (played in Population: Teens)
    The silent optomist. She'd make you smile all the time, if only you could understand her.
    Jacqueline Marie Mays   (played in Story of Us)
    A Bleeding Homeless Heart
    Jacqueline White   (played in City of the Damned [Open/Accepting])
    Human girl looking for a place to call home
    Kristen Lee Gobin   (parked in character pool)
    "Don't underestimate Me"
    Mackenzie "Mac" Davidson Leigh   (played in Burn in ❖ Heaven)
    THE MAGPIE- The one you didn't know existed
    Maggie Hanson   (played in Fire of Life~ Private)
    I...I-I didn't mean to I swear!
    Margaret "Maggie" Fields   (played in Alone...)
    I...I-I didn't mean to I swear!
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