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    LOL I'm starting to miss you.
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    well im going to just wait until like 5 today, to see if you post back to mine, if not, i hope you dont mind if i just say the queen was ignoring him or couldn't hear him over her angry yelling. I want to try and be part of the rp more, so.....ill just talk to the more active rp'rs for a while. ( im most active on the weekends so if you want to have are characters interact this would be one of the best times. ) If not ill interact with her again later Have to show are wonderful love/hate relationship right? XD
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    what did you think of my characters post by the way? just curious.
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    well the rabbit said yes...I think if your character ever turns good they could possibly be friend..ishsss, i mean she did take his eye, and sew his mouth shut lol im not sure i would call that friendship XD she's kick ass so far for an evil lady...

    I hope you manage to post before eight so i can reply to it. i need to go somewhere then, and 9:30 is bedtime soo....im not sure i would be able to talk long when i come back.
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    it sounds great! i also have this idea i put passed the white rabbit, hoping they will get back to me lol it was going to be a blow to her ego eventually lol i was thinking that she would turn him off women lmao and turn him gay for the rabbit! what do you think..ill copy it later...i have to get off, i will tell you more about how i came up with it tomorrow at ` six pm...
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    Hello! it would appear that you are my queen in the Dear Alice Rp. Nice to make your acquaintance! I was wondering if we could consult with each other about or characters past together. Like to what extent did she damage the kings eye? (I put that she was the one to give me an eye patch) and how she made him silent...i have a few ideas, but i didn't know how cruel you wanted to make your character. So I figured i would ask, I was personally thinking he was just blind..but i can accept missing to. As for shutting him up the idea of stitching his mouth shut has popped into my head a few times, since he's telepathic, he can still talk, and it would piss her off that he some how grew the balls to take out the stitches(which he wouldn't have, because I have that as a secrete ability of his.) I wanted to run it passed you first. would that be fine with you?
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    Girly power like what?
    You're mak'in curious ya know.
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    Waiting for your excellent idea.
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    She may. It's wonderland after all. But make sure the powers are not too powerful as she is already the Monarch.
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    It's 1939. Hitler has hailed for six years and it doesn't seem like he's going to lose power any time soon. Things are getting worse and worse for Germany with every passing second, but most find it futile to resist. People are dying, babies are crying, and the Nazis are smiling. In every situation, a person has a preference or alliance as to where they stand in the situation. Agree, disagree, play both sides, stay neutral, etc. Good & evil, light & dark, right & wrong. And this is where you come in to hand.
    In the future, technology has gone too far. People are able to buy physical prowess, buy strength, agility, even their health. A group of highly altered individuals, calling themselves the High-Rites are in the process of trying to eliminate a much less altered group. Revolution is imminent, and the war is just beginning.
    Dear Alice - Adult
    Alice is back, and a sweet horror has been waiting for her.// A roleplay allowing you to go as mad as you wish.// Have some fun together, lovely psychos
    A tale of seven heroes who came in a time of darkness and fought when no one else would.
    This is a Private rp between NinjaBunnyAttack and I! College setting
    The super soldiers that were supposed to be created for World War II have escaped their life in prison before their time had come to be killed by the people of their own nation. Now they have all escaped from their caged lives and now have lost all their memories of everything that had happened to them. They are unaware that they are being followed and tracked by the government to be killed. All that is left for them is to regain their memories and everything that had happened to them to possibility join together and solve this whole problem on why they were selected to be the test subjects for super soldiers.
    In the year 2112, the world has been torn apart by war and the government has taken over. To prevent an uprising and another war, the government created the MetaMorphosis Project: a plan to fuse/create a group of humanoids to become the standard for acceptance ...Will you be one of the lucky Enhanced?
    "Signs will appear in the heavens, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from heaven, the sea and the waves will roar and the powers of heaven will be shaken"

    Alec Jatan Rushmen   (played in Sweet, Sweet Love... PRIVATE)
    Charming and athletic, he likes to be everyone's friend.
    Andrayah   (played in Come Morning Light)
    The blood thirst and slightly psychotic younger sister of Victoria
    Andrayah Katerina Houdinof   (played in The Metamorphosis Project(Needs Players!))
    Watch out, she literally throws off sparks..
    Azara Chesrie Voushez   (played in Until The Sun Turns Black)
    She's the Devil's personal tracker. Give her something to find and it will be found...
    Jennavieve Olivia Broning   (played in Don't Let Your Hope Fade)
    She is electric as lightening. So be careful..
    Jennavieve Olivia Brownin   (played in Sweet, Sweet Love... PRIVATE)
    Dancing is in her blood, such as singing and music is her way of life..
    Jennavieve Olivia Brownin   (parked in character pool)
    Danicing runs in her veins. She use to be able to influence people with her dancing but now she can control them completely..
    Katerina Alexsandra Houdinof   (parked in character pool)
    She'll flip you off with a wicked grin on her face. That's the kind of bitch she is..
    Katerina Alexsandra Houdinof   (played in The Forgotten 12)
    She'll flip you off with a wicked grin on her face. That's the kind of bitch she is..
    Katerina Jouson Boushenvon   (played in Ain't No Rest For The Wicked {Accio,Asca,&Cri)
    She's tough and born to weild any type of weapon
    Queen of Hearts   (played in Dear Alice)
    Off with their heads!