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    a91_xavi - Adult
    Private roleplay between a91nicole and Xavi
    In the future, technology has gone too far. People are able to buy physical prowess, buy strength, agility, even their health. A group of highly altered individuals, calling themselves the High-Rites are in the process of trying to eliminate a much less altered group. Revolution is imminent, and the war is just beginning.
    Those involved would say that their day started off rather plain and boring. However, when things took a turn for the worse, these so-called DigiDestined were sucked into a Digital World. The only way back home is to save the DigiWorld from the brink of destruction.
    A tale of seven heroes who came in a time of darkness and fought when no one else would.
    Xavi x Duke story
    DREAMLINK - Closed
    Alternative reality just became reality. When worlds collide, will those destined for greatness be able to survive the game of life thrust before them?
    A private epic tale for Xavirne and A91nicole. Feel free to read please don't join :3
    Fallout: Red Texas - Closed - Adult
    Let's just say, this isn't your typical story. Things are going to get ugly. So if you can't handle the gore, get out. Better yet, stay away. We wouldn't want to make you cry. SO FUCK OFF. Tch, what babies.
    Fragments of Time - Closed - Adult
    A virus called time sweeps across the plains of our land. It is slowly crippling civilization. A person from the future has traveled back in time to help prevent the destruction of mankind. But, by doing this, the world as we know it is no more. We turn to this one individual and pray that salvation can come from all of this.
    When humanity is on the brink of destruction, heroes must stand tall and thwart the hellish fiends that seek to oppress mankind.
    ISOS_Xavi - Adult
    If you're not Duke (or Xavi), you should probably run far away from this place because we're pretty crazy. What you'll see in here only makes sense to us... kinda? Hell, it doesn't even make sense to us. So yeah.... XD
    Step into the world of Nonu Maihel Online or NMO. It's your escape away from reality. That is until the lines are blurred and virtual reality becomes your only reality. To survive, you must complete the game without depleting your life
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    13luice   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    Thaw the ice that hides your heart and let your smile emerge. Allow love to exist again.
    Ace / Arvin Kaiser   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    "Take advantage of me. I dare you."
    Aelhaeran Noel, The Coward   (played in Time Slayers: Lullabies of Tomorrow)
    I'm scared, father. I only wish I could have grown up to be that brave boy you always wanted me to be.
    Aelki [STAFF]   (played in Nonu Maihel Online)
    When things get rough, stick up your middle finger and screw the world.
    Aellai "Ali" Serode   (played in Of Knights and Dragons)
    It's cute how you think I care. I'm from Duufal, remember that.
    Aermil "Ari" Rretyn   (played in Dragon Age: Shepherds of Light)
    Bloodshed breeds bloodshed. Why raise a sword when conversation can save lives
    Aiden Z. DeKay   (played in Occultia Academy)
    Flame Alchemist + Sixth Year + Head of Class
    AJ DiBattista   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    Akina   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Dangerously Charming Loner's Butler/Pet/Friend Thing
    Akiyama   (played in ISOS_Xavi)
    The Knight of Divination who fights for the The Black Dove Guard.
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