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    YA OLD BITCH <3 I have tried 2 of your discord names and they were both a dang buuuust
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    Look at your dms
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    RIP, well I was a few too many months late to get that server invite to work. But I see you shared your discord so I shall add you that way~
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    O hai! Thanks for the 2019 post. I hadn't realize it had been so long! Crazy how time flies when you're adulting and being old D:
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    holy shit bitch i miss you
  6. My profile needs a 2019 post! >D

    Hello me.
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    Evidently, I do. haha.
    usually at odd hours and only when curiosity meets w incredible boredom tho.
  8. Guess my prof needs at least one 2016 post!
  9. ....
  10. Sad to hear about that. Though to be honest, I am surprised at the attitudes on RpN. I was just randomly strolling through an RP and saw where a character casually mentioned a bra and panties. It wasn't in a sexual manner. He just brought it up. A mod descended upon him and told him that was sexual, and he was warned. I was like: really? The casual mentioning of undergarments is sexual? I also notice how you can't invite people to RP with you via email. I am not trying to be skeevy when it comes to that, I just have better access to my email. My time on there may be brief. But in RpN's defense, it is still better than Gaia. I've found two awesome folks to 1x1 with. Only two though. There were like 6 that asked me, and I had to turn them down.

    And that is creepy.... I refused to give my age. Like I do with all places because people treat me REALLY REALLY weird when I do. I'm sorry, but grown ass adults can also RP. >_>' And it is WAY better than younger kids doing it. And yet the opposite is the norm.

    And that site looks pretty good. I enjoy the more diverse tags. I may also join this one. Have Gaia, RpN, and this site thunder dome it for my continued patronage. Let me know when you start your RP.
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    An offshoot one on one roleplay about the gangster characters from Heist, between Strude and Tika.
    HEIST - Closed
    Life is tough for a gangster, even tougher for sickeningly domestic, gun toting crew of gangsters from the quaint American city of Los Odalis.
    A private extension of the group. Invite-only.
    Ombre Fragment - Closed
    Legend speaks of a half penumbra and half human being that if left uncontained my rip apart the barriers between the realm of the shadow creatures and our world.

    Ambrose Montgomery   (played in DOMESTICITY)
    The Leader (BOSS)
    Ambrose Montgomery   (played in HEIST)
    The Leader (BOSS)
    Chester Denim   (played in Ombre Fragment)
    Chester a hunter and hipster-wannabe.
    Gordon Scott Hans   (parked in character pool)
    The "New Bond"
    Kersty Mayson   (played in HEIST)
    Fringe (The Go-Between)
    NARRATOR   (played in Ombre Fragment)
    the world narrator. your life is mine to tell.
    PROFILE TEMPLATE   (played in Ombre Fragment)
    Use this template to create a character.
    Stiles Foncée   (played in HEIST)
    Associate (Network & Database Technician)
    Tally Huntington   (played in HEIST)
    Rival Associate (Informant - Arms Dealer)
    Tally Huntington   (played in DOMESTICITY)
    Rival Associate (Informant - Arms Dealer)
    Thomas Anders   (played in DOMESTICITY)
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