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    I'm so sorry I missed your message. I have been coming onto this site sporadically for the past year to see if anyone was still on and RP'd. I tried to start one to see if I could get any takers, new or experienced, and I didn't get a bite. I remember your username because I think we may have run in similar RP circles in the past.
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    We had just started we could literally do anything with it, i dont see how you dont know what to do in the roleplay
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    I suppose that means no
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    are we still roleplaying??
  5. I havent been here in forever
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    hi hi the thread is still alive if you want to come and rp again
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    hi! I'm back
    How are you?
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    hi hi
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    does that help at all?
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    In a world of 'normals', it is hard for others to survive. They are burned at the stake, chased down, drowned, and many other horrid things. They are outcasts; rejects. No one seems to care about them. Thats how they end up here, in Teelu.
    A group of vampires, witches, wizards, and shapeshifters live together in a small town, far from the normal people who are so feared and hated.
    Hetalia WIP - Adult
    Well I've decided to make an RP based off of Hetalia..Same character names but maybe a little appearance change? Also new challenges..Yes I am making this a 'Yao/Yurii' RP. If you do not like this them perhaps this is not the right RP for you.
    Each year, every firstborn child is sent to the Armasseum to train for Koragnier, the battle between gods and demons, and each year only a fraction survive the process. Life is idyllic in Valaheim, home of the gods, but for the Firstborn, only blood and tears await. That is their fate and this is their story.
    Love story revolving around a band group.
    Necromancers from certain spots all over have joined forces and made a city called Necro-City. They have taken in the Vampire hunters to go out and capture vampires (Kill them.) They have been at war with Three of the Vampire Societies for over 2 years. Unknowing of the Necromancer's plan, everyone fights for survival. Which side will you choose?
    The orphanage has become a place for damaged children. "Broken beyond repair." Is what the head Mistress tells you, always always its all the same. You and your friend want to get away. Where? Wherever you wander off to. One kid plans on going out to see, with what? With a hand made raft. Will you follow, or will you stay where you are, damaged and broken, broken beyond repair?
    The Last War - Adult
    In an attempt to settle old rivalries, selected angels and selected demons, whom are all /teenagers/ have been placed into a house together. A house which the participants cannot leave until the time is up (One full year). If They manage to get along, even get as close as lovers, there could possibly be hope for the existing realms, heaven and hell, to not wage war on each other. The last war which will determine who rains over earth.
    In the year 2112, the world has been torn apart by war and the government has taken over. To prevent an uprising and another war, the government created the MetaMorphosis Project: a plan to fuse/create a group of humanoids to become the standard for acceptance ...Will you be one of the lucky Enhanced?
    You love music? Well it might jsut be the very thing taht will save your soul, oh wont you come and play?
    Its a cruel place to be in a dome, Will you survive?
    The gates to Cross Academy have opened again. The headmaster still has high hopes to get the vampire and humans to co-exist peacefully. Maybe This year's students, will finally prove that.

    Ariel   (played in The Last War)
    Its in my nature to be bad, you know?
    Evageline Le Morte   (played in Necromance-City)
    "I can't remember actually.."
    Haruka Sohma   (played in Vampire Knight ; A New Generation)
    I will protect her with my life
    Headmaster   (played in Vampire Knight ; A New Generation)
    Welcome to Cross Academy!
    Josephine Harlet   (played in Alone...)
    Please don't leave...
    Kage Hio   (played in Vampire Knight ; A New Generation)
    I can't help but feel I've been forgotten by someone...Someone I once held dear to my heart..
    Kai Everette   (played in Koragnier [OPEN])
    "I've seen your world with these very eyes.."
    Lailah   (played in The Last War)
    'If you follow my path, you'll see I'm simply unchained"
    Lailei Obelus   (played in Necromance-City)
    Second in command.
    Leann Minato   (played in Alone...)
    My family's waiting for me dontcha know!
    Lilian Williams and Lilith Williams   (played in The Metamorphosis Project(Needs Players!))
    Yes, we are twins. Yes, we are 'Enhanced'
    Lithium Envy Camner   (played in Tunnels under the Dome (OPEN))
    It's the moment they've been waiting for..The crowd goes silent, waiting in anticipation. Some close their eyes, some can't help but watch. They watch in silence, as I jump to my fate.
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