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"Death is just another path. One we all must take."


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    Ending - Adult
    It was decided that both heaven and hell will try one last alliance to help stop the war. Their approach this time seems a tad impossible. But through careful selection and no short amount of hope- the few chosen will be able to bring about such a change that will alter their universe forever.
    Highschool's never been easy. Between sex, drugs, grades and friendship--- it's like living in a soap opera. But when a group of ambitious misfits decide to make a club called [I]Roars Of Triumph,[/I] everything gets a little bit easier.
    In the beginning, in a distant country, there once lived a town of peaceful humans. For centuries it was as such, until one day fate decided to make a turn of events. An inhuman creature was to be born, thus a town girl found herself pregnant. Thinking it was impossible for her, she rejoiced. It truly was a miracle, one that would slowly turn into her curse. For she began to develop unnatural abilities, but it was not her you see, she was truly an ordinary girl. It was the creature growing inside of her. Her child was in fact, the first of the irregular human beings.
    Cross Academy is back in business! And of course, the rules that were, still are as followed! 1. All day class students are to be in their dorms before sunset! 2. No bullying fellow day class students 3. Follow the rules! For Night class students; 1. No drinking blood in the academy! 2. No saying things like 'you look tasty' or 'Let me taste your blood' That In mind! Everyone, try your best to make this year, a year to remember!

    Ariel   (played in Ending)
    Cassiel   (played in Ending)
    Eddison Piere   (played in The Witching Hour (OPEN))
    A normal human
    Emily Hartley   (played in The Witching Hour (OPEN))
    An irregular girl
    Haziel   (played in Ending)
    Julie Harrow   (played in The Witching Hour (OPEN))
    An irregular girl
    Kana Rinte   (played in The Witching Hour (OPEN))
    An Elder
    Lailah   (played in Ending)
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