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October 22, 1990 (28)
About epicwriter42
Writer, streamer, and all around decent person. I at least try to be. I like RPing in smaller groups but not 1 on 1 except with my GF.
Video Games, Pokemon, .hack, necromancy, umbrakinesis, heroes with dark powers.
Author, cashier.




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03-04-2019 06:19 AM
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    sBurb Zeta - Adult
    People Did stupid
    Welcome to the faded remains of a world bathed in permanent dusk, where existence isn't quite as black or white as one would think... Feel free to pop in for a while.
    Voided Rain - Adult
    A thing between me and my friend that is SBurb related nonsense.

    Avon Tenuous   (played in Twilight Woods)
    Keyblade user of light and dark. A wanderer.
    Caleb Farros (provisionsFretfully)   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Bard of Blood
    Clint Sarros (scholasticFracture)   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Mage of Space
    Consorts   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Cute little residents of the lands.
    Game Exposition.   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    For all the weird tutorials and descriptions of thing that may or may not matter.
    Georgie Henderson   (played in Twilight Woods)
    Ghosts don't always have unfinished business.
    Mad Scientist E.   (played in Voided Rain)
    An E who has gone completely bonkers after he thought he lost his Ami....then proceeded to put her soul into an animatronic....now is plagued by voices....until becoming an animatronic himself.
    Rohan Truman (perturbedSolicitor)   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Rogue of Hope
    The Denizen   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    In a nutshell the big boss of the lands.
    The Dersites   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Black Carapaced natives of the dream moon of Derse.
    The Enemy!   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    One of the many enemy NPC's of the session.
    The Prospitians   (played in sBurb Zeta)
    Natives of the Dream Moon Prospit that orbits the sacred lands of skaia.