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    That's fine, no worries. It's the holiday season, so other stuff keeps us busy
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    Np. Good luck on your finals
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    Yay! You're alive! *glomps*
    Np, take your time, now that I know you're still around, I can wait :3
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    Hey! You still around?
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    Happy birthday! ♥
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    hey feel up for one on one im trying to get back into the hang of things here and welll people i used to talk to kinda seem to have either moved on or just gone.
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    Sorry I haven't been on much ^~^;
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    Oh yes, it was great I was really happy with it. There were a few hiccups, small ones but that is to be expected with Christmas ^^
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    Well that is good..better than you expected is good.
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    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas hope that it was good. ^_^
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About Fluttershy

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Date of Birth
August 17, 1990 (29)
About Fluttershy
Hullo. I am...uhm...-whispers- Fluttershy...

Let's see. I suppose I am rather weird. I am a straight forward person, and if I have a problem, I tell people. I like facing problems head on.

I love my animals. Very much. I complain about them a lot...but mainly it's just because they are on my mind. No matter how much trouble they get into, I love them and will get all momma bear if someone tries to hurt them.

Uhm....I like to roleplay. Is fun. I don't really know what level you'd consider me at...but if you want to know, feel free to check out my roleplays. I like lurkers and offer them cookies. I feel like you can never have enough of them, so feel free to ask me if I'd like to do one. I don't tend to do group roleplays, simply because I don't think I post enough to satisfy. I love one on one roleplays however, with or without romance. Cause...I'm flexible like that.

I roleplay mainly on Mene, however, this site is where I roleplay the more adult themed things. If you'd like to check me out on Mene, just ask for my username. I'll gladly share.

I...don't know what else to put here.
North Carolina
Animals. Video Games.


Ugly on the skin, lovely from within.


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    A Love Like Woe - Adult
    A roleplay between CosmicFoxKitty and Fluttershy
    Eventually, the sun became blocked out. Earth is now a cold, dark place, ruled by Vampires.
    The Dark Forest - Adult
    A forest where the lost and damned are found, this forest is home to Knight twins
    Ze Dark Times - Adult
    In a world where Medieval, Egyptian, magic and steam punk collide, anything can happen.
    Vampires, Chalices, and Drama....oh my...
    Count D sells hopes and dreams in his tiny Pet Shop in Chinatown. Sometimes the most unexpected horrors await clients, but sometimes the most wonderful wishes are answered...

    Adara Visser   (played in [NSFW] Insatiable)
    A mage from Avalon Academy.
    Anate Visser   (played in [NSFW] Insatiable)
    Adara's Brother.
    Caspian Malkhaviah   (played in [NSFW] Intervention)
    "I just want to be happy..."
    Cedric Morlock   (played in Ze Dark Times)
    Prince of Eldonia
    Izumi Hitomu   (played in A Love Like Woe)
    "Everyone loves me, so everyone gives me what I want. You will too."
    Jett Shield   (played in [NSFW] Intervention)
    "Then stop pissing me off..."
    Merrik Felix Hawkeye   (played in Ze Dark Times)
    Merrik-From Atlantis
    Rasiel   (parked in character pool)
    A work in progress...
    Robin Drakul   (played in [NSFW] Insatiable)
    A young female vampire that attends school with Adara.
    Team Npc!   (played in [NSFW] Insatiable)
    Every roleplay needs them.
    Team Npc!   (played in [NSFW] Intervention)
    Every roleplay needs them.
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