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    No problem. ^____^ Figure I might as well invite everyone I see around, since the site is so quite and small.
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    Made a character driven domestic gangster roleplay if you wanna join.

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    Hey I am starting a new role play you should check it out and join if you are interested.http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/showthre...pgtab=overview
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    Haha. I gotcha. Enk and I do that sometimes. lol go "BOO" at each other.
  5. Ahh!
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    Skyrim FanRP - Thessaly, the reluctant Dragonborn, meets Arwen, an eccentric adventurer, and hijinks ensue.
    Harvest Dawn - Adult
    Private roleplay project
    A surly undead paladin meets a clinical wizard with a passion for necromancy
    An eccentric adventurer and a former pirate band together for epic quests and other shenanigans
    In the city of Windhelm, there is a great divide between Nords and Dunmer. None greater than that of Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak's firstborn daughter and a dock-working irreverent bilgerat.

    Asherah   (played in Harvest Dawn)
    Altmer diplomat on an unusual mission
    Cassius   (played in Harvest Dawn)
    An inventive Imperial soldier
    Danica   (played in Special Delivery)
    An energetic Breton archer with a talent for magic and a nose for trouble
    Ennis   (played in Breton and Bosmer)
    A duplicitous bard with a dragon obsession
    Grace   (played in Life and Death)
    A former Vigilant of Stendarr and recently turned undead
    Hannah   (played in Breton and Bosmer)
    Disciple of the Blades, convinced she doesn't need to be Dragonborn to slay dragons
    Leto   (played in Breton and Bosmer)
    The last surviving Vigilant of Stendarr, known more for her skills with a spoon than a sword
    Maiq   (played in Harvest Dawn)
    An opportunistic Khajiit rogue
    Niel   (played in Life and Death)
    A damaged mage with the ability to manipulate souls
    Niel   (played in Breton and Bosmer)
    Absent-minded necromancer with a unique magical ability
    Seth   (played in Storm and Sea)
    An irreverent Dunmer dockhand
    Sigrid   (played in Harvest Dawn)
    A broken blade
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