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    Miscellaneous people have been looking at it all day. No one else applied but when I viewed "member activities," there were quite a few times today that CML had someone looking at it. Both members and guests. Don't remember who though ^^;
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    Oh man, people keep stalking CML. Maybe you should remake it :P
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    So you wanna write a roleplay. What shall it be about? Nick/Rynn? Or do we want to experiment and make some new characters? xD
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    So, if you're up for it, I am trying to gather those who were apart of The Zodiac Program and possibly piece any memories you have of it together. Even if it's just your character, I'd really appreciate it!

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    ah okay
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    hey do you rp males sometimes?
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    omg, they need to end up in Tron. XD
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    "Pictures were taken. Lots of pictures. Too many pictures. Why were there so many pictures?"

    My favorite line. XD
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    I was sick of waiting and time skipped. XP It was also a horrid post but at least it was a post!
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About a91nicole
I'm a college student, so I do have school, but, I'm not so busy that I can't be an active roleplayer. I've been message board roleplaying for 8 years now. I started off way back in MSN groups and then moved to Gaia and then ran a small site with my most regular partner for a long time.I like modern fantasy, medieval fantasy, apocalyptic roleplays, pirate rps, westerns, and pretty much anything other than steampunk and mech type roleplays (steampunk because I have little experience and mech because I've never really been into it).
Georgia, USA
writing, drawing, movies, singing, acting- if its fine arts, I like it. I also like nature
Currently a student and tour guide for my college


Looking for Rps! Message me!


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    a91_xavi - Adult
    Private roleplay between a91nicole and Xavi
    Private~ Read, no post :3
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    In the future, technology has gone too far. People are able to buy physical prowess, buy strength, agility, even their health. A group of highly altered individuals, calling themselves the High-Rites are in the process of trying to eliminate a much less altered group. Revolution is imminent, and the war is just beginning.
    A tale of seven heroes who came in a time of darkness and fought when no one else would.
    Dusk till Dawn - Adult
    Vampires hunt in secrecy, slowly populating and biding their time. A private community of individuals called Hunters are the only thing between them and world domination. This story follows an unlikely duo on their travels in their hunt for the truth, and retribution.
    A private epic tale for Xavirne and A91nicole. Feel free to read please don't join :3
    America is losing the war against the spiritual beasts. Her hope lays in the hands of those chosen to wield the monsters from the past - the mecha. Should these select heroes fail, all shall perish.
    a91nicole and Snowbird's one on one universe. Reading allowed, posting not.
    S7Nera - Closed
    "The good guys always finish last. And, by then, the world will be gone. Hence, the need for the bad guys who... don't give a shit about the rule book."
    It was 2582, and Humanity had found another new galaxy to explore. The New Frontier, they called it! A place where anything can go, and the rules are simple: There are none. Anyone was welcome to go, all they had to do was sign up for the new ships leaving for the new colony and they had a new life.
    Witch Hunters - Adult
    Blood? Check. Violence? Check. Good old fashioned ass-kicking? Check. You game?
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    Aella Callis   (parked in character pool)
    The Horse-Rider: A woman of great strength and speed, rumored to be descended from the gods of her land.
    Alcy Covington   (played in Queen of Dragons, Queen of Wolves)
    A spunky, perky little gunner newly aquired on the Ardent
    Alcy Covington   (played in WoD with Seraph and A91nicole)
    A strong young woman who has spent her formative years in the hardest parts of London
    Alcy Covington   (parked in character pool)
    A strong young woman who has spent her formative years in the hardest parts of London
    Alcy Covington   (played in As Night Turns into Day, You Take Me Far Away)
    A spunky, perky little thief who has a long standing relationship with her wizard companion.
    Bili (Biloxi)   (played in predatory ● instincts)
    Don't underestimate me. I'm more of a man than you'll ever be.
    Caden   (played in Come Morning Light)
    Tough-as-nails companion to the leader of the New Dawn
    Caden   (played in Every Lesson Forms a New Scar)
    Tough-as-nails companion to the leader of the New Dawn
    Caden   (played in Queen of Dragons, Queen of Wolves)
    Tough-as-nails companion to the leader of the New Dawn
    Cara   (played in Come Morning Light)
    The friendly younger sister of Caden
    Dragon of Zero Fucks   (played in Every Lesson Forms a New Scar)
    Because it's awesome. Duh.
    Emma "Lust" Hamilton   (played in S7Nera)
    Lips as soft as roses carry the strongest secrets
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