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    http://biareview.com/ trung tâm kế toán http://anztheme.com/ thành lập doanh nghiệp giá rẻ tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán đúng là có quy luật, nhưng hắc sắc khí lưu trên cả cầu thang thực sự quá nhiều, đây là một số liệu vô cùng khổng lồ, khổng lồ đến mức căn bản không thể tính toán.
    Một trăm loại biến hóa Kiệt Sâm có thể ghi nhớ.
    Một ngàn loại biến hóa Kiệt Sâm vẫn có thể.
    Một vạn loại biến hóa trải qua thời gian dài quan sát Kiệt Sâm cũng có thể nhớ kĩ.
    Nhưng mười vạn loại, trăm vạn loại, ngàn vạn loại, thậm chí một trăm triệu loại th́ sao?
    Với thực lực và đại năo hiện tại của Kiệt Sâm, không thể đem bằng ấy số liệu ghi lại rơ ràng trong năo, chỉ cần một sai lầm nhỏ, kết quả sẽ là...
    Cái chết!
    Đây không
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    Always welcome, I can totally understand how issues like to pop up at the most unexpected of times. It's like they wait for the worst timing imaginable too O.o
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    Hey no probs, real life issues tend to do that now and again x.x Hope things will get sorted out soon and we'll see you online more again! (Pssst you totally missed replying in ISK XD)
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    the ones i made? i was gonna fix up Factions a bit if u wanna wait
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    I look forward to their interaction greatly!
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    If you want
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    Thank you! I'm looking forward to interacting with Odessa!
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    Wow we are in a bunch together! Which is awesome! And thank you, I love my picture! I enjoy the cat in yours.
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    well we need 1 more person who has their character approved
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    Akuma Manor - Adult
    A dark fantasy medieval rp, that includes death, sex and quite possibly, taboo subjects. It explores the deep, dark reaches of the psyche while maintaining a mask of civility and manners, while still indulging in their true natures. (Note: NSFW; Please be aware that this is designed to be a dark fantasy setting, explicit scenes will most likely be common here. Not for the faint of heart or closed-minded.)
    To most people reality is boring, devoid of fantasy and adventure. To the average person, there is no such thing as magical or supernatural beings. However, reality truly is fantastic!
    Fame, a desire for many people and YOU have the chance to grasp it. You have just been accepted to the most prestigious school; Holly Hills Academy of the Arts but who will gain the everlasting fame?
    A slice-of-life game taking place on a satellite town of a fictional bigger city Heather River. People know each other via another person at least and secrets need to be held on carefully so that the gossipers don't get a hang of your private life. On the other hand New Heather River is a calm city with a good environment for raising children, spending free time and having friends.
    Shichiyou Academy is the last chance school for most, it takes kids of all ages as it teaches grades PreK on up to College for the students who wish to stick around the school.All kinds of creatures come here so beware not to get bitten (although biting is a good thing here).As it is a boarding school it can also be an all year living place for some of the students.
    We are simply not normal to the people we are around. We have powers which are destructive and hurt the people around us. We have abandoned our families to go into hiding as our powers are unbearable. We are hiding from normal people, the government, and anything else that is hunting for us as we try to learn to control our abilities and to prove that we aren't a threat.
    The Interdimensional School of Knowledge was founded long ago by creatures of knowledge, dragons to be specific. They knew how to cross dimensions and the like easily and those that founded this school found some things common amongst them all; Those who needed education in many things including on how to lead their nations, on their powers and abilities, and much much more. So over the course of time this school was formed in an Interdimensional plane and connected to many different dimensions or planes. Of course those who live in the dimensions may or may not know of the place commonly as it varies depending on the type of people there. But for those who find need for the school will always end up somehow finding out about it, and a way to find the portal that they need.
    A school for half human half animal children
    A small, quaint cafe where anyone and everyone is welcome to relax, socialize and most importantly, eat delicious treats created especially for you!

    Amaya Ukiyo   (played in The Interdimensional School of Knowledge)
    A shrine maiden with the ability to see the future who needs to learn to control her powers.
    Gwen Nash   (played in Akuma Manor)
    Maid in the Akuma Manor, Gwen devotes her life to Mistress Ane and would do anything to become her personal maid.
    Isabel Metallo   (played in ~Willow Cafe~)
    A college freshman, just moved into town, looking for a first job and a place to stay.
    Jade Lawrence   (played in The Clandestine Array)
    A shy and sickly 16 year old girl with the power to turn invisible.
    Leon "Leo" Davis   (played in New Heather River)
    An nineteen year old putting his life on hold for the sake of his family.
    Paine Fujikage   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    A fallen angel with a more than questionable relationship with her twin...
    Panic Fujikage   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    A fallen angel with a more than questionable relationship with his twin...
    Riley Nash   (played in Akuma Manor)
    Personal Body Guard to Ane Akuma, Riley is dedicated to the Mistresses of the Manor and devotes his life to the safety of Miss Ane.
    Sophie Tillman   (played in Holly Hills Art Academy)
    A young girl who eats, sleeps, and breathes art and who only loves the canvas.
    Tae-Hyun Nae   (parked in character pool)
    I'm not a little kid afraid of the dark anymore, sis, I'll be fine.
    Tobias Ryuzaki   (played in The Interdimensional School of Knowledge)
    A fairly normal yet eccentric boy who has made it his duty to protect his childhood friend.
    Valora Younglove   (played in The School for Animal Children)
    A ditzy girl who's part dragonfly and from France. WIP
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