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    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    An rp based off the movie "the crow"
    Eventually, the sun became blocked out. Earth is now a cold, dark place, ruled by Vampires.
    Some people cant have kids...but thats okay-sometimes parents don't have to be the ones that birthed you....And sometimes there are adults who just care...
    Things are changing...At a fast pace-What will you do...Who will you be?
    1x1 Private rp.
    Sinz Flames - Adult
    collection of sinz and Flames rp's
    This roleplay is entirely fantasy, and the characters used can be of the following races: human, dragon, or fairy. All are self-explanatory, however there are no real set powers since this is a not a D and D type of roleplay. All of the characters are meant to interact, and there is no real way to know how this will pan out. I ask the the fairy and dragon characters are shifters, although half-draconic are more than welcome. Please follow the do's and don'ts: Do: Have at least one weapon Stay in character as much as possible Try to keep your responses over one line Don't: Make yourself overpowered (leave room for growth) Skip right to sex (I'll allow it, but only to an extent) Have a draconic/fairy character (personal preference, but please follow it) Know everything about anything Force ships That covers just about everything, and PM me if you have any questions

    A'rella   (parked in character pool)
    Akuma.   (played in Sinz Flames)
    Caine Mist   (played in Oasis Flames)
    Typical stranger.
    Hestaria   (played in The Night That Started It All)
    "Say...what's your favorite color?"
    Jessie Stone   (played in Journey of the Forgotten)
    Its all done for a reason...I just have to find that reason...
    Kasai Himura   (played in Sinz Flames)
    Akumas First life..
    Kota Blue   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    "What a shame...."
    Logan Winters   (played in Journey of the Forgotten)
    "Now who needs you?"
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