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    Hello, Knerd. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm going to try to get WTFRPG active again. I figured, be active myself was the first part. Bringing others in who I personally know as a second, but I don't know that many writers. Honestly, I'm pretty picky myself and can't imagine roleplaying with a hundred people at the same time, while simultaneously being the main plot-deviser. (No joke; I'm not bragging, but some people do not know how to be proactive or write anything other than constant action--whether that be in the form of battles or making love--who also can't accept constructive criticism.)

    I've extended myself a little in writing with someone with a completely different style and outlook on life. Managing thus far is to the credit of (nameless spector), who provides me with (beep) and helps me (*information removed to protect witness and conspirator*). Anywho, the only other two things I can think of are voting for your website and telling others on other websites about WTFRPG, but that last part might get me in trouble. The reasons why I am here is because it allows for Adult and has those gorgeous full-features. If that's not enough for people, I would like to suggest two more things, if that's not being too forward and presumptuous...

    1. Rather than friends, perhaps three queues: Current role-play partners/tandem storytellers, other users interested in roleplaying with (insert user's name), and (username) is currently interested in role-playing with...
    As a way to be able to actively show current trends and good roleplayers according to the "market". I know it's not foolproof, but it is useful. I wrote a forum post on this, if you're interested, but no worries if not.

    2. A way to search out other roleplayers, like a dating website, except for roleplaying. (Just a heads-up, two people from here that I know got into a serious relationship, so huzzah! It didn't work out, but well done.) Anywho, maybe using genres (with definitions), average post counts by the recent day/week/month/year (because some people will be crushed by their absence otherwise, even if they have been super active lately), gender, age, wordcounts per post by the recent day/week/month/year--I don't know current trends, so I can't tell you. I just look for people by reading posts and they satisfy my personal criteria of: Adult (where both of us agree to similar limits), proactive in plot, vocabulary and grammar, descriptive (rather than relying on pictures), and diverse characters. These aren't exactly quantifiable, but I have a quantifiable way that I like. Finding someone based on philosophy/theology to find roleplayers so our world is understood the same, but that's always done in the generalized way--literally, denominations which are so divisive: atheist, 'christian", hindu, blah, blah, blah, blah...BLAH. (Wow, am I rambling! Well, you can easily skim through this and because of that I'm half-tempted to write nonsense, but out of respect...and desperation...I won't.) Sooooooooo, maybe something more basic, like...those who believe in objective truth versus those who believe in subjective truth.

    Thanks for reading so far and I hope you come back too.
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    Just wanted to drop in and say thank you so much for helping me out with my character :3
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    Oh man, happy birthday! It better be awesome and filled with a lot of fun times and more laughs than you'll know what to do with. Here's to hoping that the weather isn't terrible, too. I heard NY has been awful these past few days (rain + humidity, yay -- not!).
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    Thank you for featuring my roleplay! I really do appreciate it!
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    Hello there. I just wanted to say thanks for feature Thorns. Don't know if you do that for every new game or not, but I still appreciate it.
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    Just spreading the word~!

    Get in the Spirit is a Halloween-themed attempt to bring the WTF community together with games and silly fun. Get to know your fellow RPers and partake in the games to earn some prizes. You can even submit recipes and fall photos and become a part of the official WTF Autumn Food & Fun Guide!

    So grab a friend or two and here's to hoping we see you there!
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    Come join our wonderful Halloween Event!
    >> Click the image below! <<
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    Hello! ^^ I was invited into a Adult content role play and I wanted to know if you could let me join the Permission group so I can join it? Please tell reply back whenever you can.
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    Sweetness. You da mod! ;D
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    Sorry about asking to have 45 characters deleted from the Clone Warehouse. I'm just trying to clean up my character list. ^^;
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