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    Oh dear I am so sorry it's been so long since I messaged you. D: I don't know how time can get away from me like this. I hope everything is going well on your end!
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    hows it goin?
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    Just a quick reply as I'm trying to catch up and I'm still not feeling too hot: I would absolutely one day like to get my stories translated over and would totally hit you up when I'm ready to do that. :3 Congrats on the job!
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    It is. You should watch it. :b
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    lol yeah. its probably, all together, about 90 seasons or something XD
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    werrlll the original series was made in the 60s. so only doctors 9, 10, and 11 are included in the remade series. so season 1 featured doctor 9.

    the old series was a lot more camp XD the doctor himself is an alien (species: timelord) he occasionally does a glowy transforming thingy and morphs into a different actor. I guess thats why the show has run for so long XD
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    theres definitely 5 seasons. maybe 6 by now?

    anyway, doctor 10 is the best. hands down. the first 3 or so seasons have billy piper and those you definitely need to seeDOITDOITDOIT
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    lol I was like that for doctor who.... still gotta catch up with season 5 *twitch*
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    lol clearly an important and vital task XD
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    The zombies came. The world ended. Now the survivors move on. Since the meltdown of world society, a new age of western expansion begins. Other things were stirred up by the world-wide upheaval- species and races that had remained hidden for centuries are brought to light. The gods and monsters of the vast desert become legend made solid......
    Revenant - Closed - Adult
    Some call them ghosts, other spirits. They have existed for centuries, in tales, in myths, in the shadows, sentient beings without a set body. They were always real, they were always among us, and some wish to take back the world.
    Rules of roleplay bend! Enroll your Mary Sue or Gary Stu character into this fun roleplay, meta-game to your heart's content and fight to be the most dazzling, brightest, beautifulest in the school!
    Svalentia - Closed - Adult
    Many years ago, the world turned pitch black and the sun never came out again; in this world lies Svalentia, a steam-powered city located on an island. It is almost completely cut off from the rest of the world. People seem to be able to get to the island via ferry, but not off it. The power generator has been failing, making Svalentia pitch-black and ripe for the monsters to make their move...

    Andrew Septhorn (The Mayor)   (played in Svalentia)
    The Mayor of Svalentia.
    Cole   (played in Svalentia)
    An orphaned mutant youth.
    Evelyn   (played in Svalentia)
    Beautiful and deadly.
    Falcon   (played in Revenant)
    Gabriel Asher   (played in Svalentia)
    Once a sky-pirate extraordinaire, now left grounded.
    Guide   (played in Svalentia)
    This is your guide. He will show you around when you need it, and no one else is assigned to the job.
    Haruka Rin   (played in Sunshine Destiny Miracle Island Academy)
    The hot MALE school nurse who looks like a girl!
    Jake Septhorn   (played in Svalentia)
    The Mayor's son. Even he has his own secrets.
    Julibethky Edwardina TresBeau   (played in Sunshine Destiny Miracle Island Academy)
    The coolest nerd in the academy!
    Lance Landon   (played in Of Gods and Monsters)
    The best businessman's right hand money can hire.
    Marcus Metro   (played in Svalentia)
    An average man living an average life.
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