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    Holy flapping cheesecake. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good day and do something intresting.

    Me, I wasted my day on here on my birthday. Good times.
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    happy birthday!
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    When you gonna come back?m ;A;
    Zodiac misses you!
  4. No problems! Don't even have someone to take the wind spot yet x.x
  5. I am working on the water girl for your RP, it's just gonna take a little bit with my schedule getting busy for a little while >.< Stupid homework backing up and classes around the corner T_T
  6. O.O. oh boy! To profile making!
  7. Duke is confused T_T

    She would like to join your 'Sins of the Father' RP as your open water slot, but there is already a female water character O.o?
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    Hey there Kytti! I miss you <3 How are things going?
  9. How would i create Inferno? I know i go to the Character Pool and type out her history but then i save it it won't work do i complete evrything on the profile before saving?
  10. This seems like a fun site...now i have to recreate Inferno again..
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    Akuma Manor - Adult
    A dark fantasy medieval rp, that includes death, sex and quite possibly, taboo subjects. It explores the deep, dark reaches of the psyche while maintaining a mask of civility and manners, while still indulging in their true natures. (Note: NSFW; Please be aware that this is designed to be a dark fantasy setting, explicit scenes will most likely be common here. Not for the faint of heart or closed-minded.)
    A modern city, a busy one. One where the flow of life is ever-constant and erratic. On the surface, it is like any other, a pool of people, throngs and crowds moving about and living their lives, ultimately blind and deterred by the illusion of society. But beneath the exterior, beyond that of a simple reality, there is much much more.
    What happens when young man very grounded in reality gets taken to another one entirely, where everything he's always believed to be myth is reality? Will those he meets be able to convince him he's not dreaming, or will he meet his doom trying to wake up from something he thinks is a dream?
    Welcome to a world of fairytales. Sometimes delightful, with adventurous tales of love everlasting and heroics. Other times dark and tragic, with stories of love lost and twisted fates. In this world lays Märchenland - and the castle and lord that many seek but not all find.
    A place for you to stick your characters in case you want a back-up.
    To most people reality is boring, devoid of fantasy and adventure. To the average person, there is no such thing as magical or supernatural beings. However, reality truly is fantastic!
    Out of the Blue - Adult
    Private RP. Shoo, go away.
    Shichiyou Academy is the last chance school for most, it takes kids of all ages as it teaches grades PreK on up to College for the students who wish to stick around the school.All kinds of creatures come here so beware not to get bitten (although biting is a good thing here).As it is a boarding school it can also be an all year living place for some of the students.
    Once upon a time, a group of 6 dragons with the powers of the elements ruled the world by inspiring fear and terror in all others, and everyone feared their reign would last forever if it didn't destroy the world first... However, one day, these 6 dragons would disappear from the earth presumably forever, thought to either be dead or sealed away, allowing everyone and everything to prosper again once more. It is now modern times, and the story of the 6 dragons of the elements has faded into obscure myth along with everything else that is considered mythical, only really known to those who know now about the fact magic still exists. And the stirrings of their great powers have been felt throughout recently, suggesting that they will one day soon return to rule the earth again. This time, the modern world would completely be at a loss compared to their might, and be destroyed... unless 6 heroes arise and come together to defeat them in time before they once again to have their full powers...
    A 1x1 between Moonfleet and Tigerkytti
    The Interdimensional School of Knowledge was founded long ago by creatures of knowledge, dragons to be specific. They knew how to cross dimensions and the like easily and those that founded this school found some things common amongst them all; Those who needed education in many things including on how to lead their nations, on their powers and abilities, and much much more. So over the course of time this school was formed in an Interdimensional plane and connected to many different dimensions or planes. Of course those who live in the dimensions may or may not know of the place commonly as it varies depending on the type of people there. But for those who find need for the school will always end up somehow finding out about it, and a way to find the portal that they need.
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    'Butterfly'   (played in Beneath The Surface - Private)
    A feline bounty hunter who doesn't let anyone close after having learned the hard way that her job and love, does not mix.
    Adym Silverclaw   (played in Beneath The Surface - Private)
    Alpha of the Silverclaw werewolf pack and Lyra Silverclaw's father, his first concern is always the safety of his pack and family
    Ami Kallisto Chinjuu   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    An outgoing sweetheart who always has a smile for others...
    Ane Akuma   (played in Akuma Manor)
    Mistress of Akuma Manor, Ane is an ancient vampire that acts with civility and propiety at most times. However, this is only a mask to what truly lurks beneath...
    Aura Sylph Galand   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    The breeze carries whispered secrets on it
    Aura Sylph Galand   (played in Out of the Blue)
    The breeze carries whispered secrets on it
    Charles and Charlotte   (played in Shichiyou Academy)
    Identical twin contortionist nekomimi they find themselves in a strange place... A school!
    Dacri Sapphirus   (played in Elements of Strife- Private)
    A Water Elemental merchant, Dacri is sick of being the 'delicate' one.
    Daryus Augur   (played in The Interdimensional School of Knowledge)
    Both teacher and student, Daryus has seen more in his short life then most will in their lifetime.
    Destiny Karalyn Magulbin   (played in Clone Warehouse)
    A kind and gentle girl, she's he youngest in a family of girls, and born naturally frail. Destiny has never felt very special and always treated like she'll break, never did she expect to be the child of Magic...
    Devlin Rory Kerry   (played in Sins of the Fathers)
    Wantin' ta start a new, drawn ta this place, lessee what it holds for me. Are they ready ta taste my fire?
    Dr. Ishi Kitoushi   (played in Beneath The Surface - Private)
    A half angel who only wants the best for humans and all others, he hates the conflicts and does what he can for any who find themselves hurt.
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