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    Dive into Tirn a land of unimaginable adventure. Racial turmoil, politics and prejudice plague the land not to mention creatures that roam in the deepest parts of the world, waiting for one side to become weak giving them their chance to strike. Although tensions continue to rise the world continues on. Adventures and plunder are aplenty . Carve yourself a spot in this world if you think you're up for it
    ChellxScar - Adult
    Demrovak - Adult
    These are but a few stories in the desert world of Amara, and in time, when their final pages have turned, they will be buried in the sand and it would be as though they never happened at all.
    For Honor - Adult
    The sword gives way to the gun, technology replaces magic, and after a thousand years since its beginning, Camelot still stands strong... yet dark forces are rising and bad times are on horseback
    The Order of the Centered Mind has stood for years as a beacon of hope for some and an outlet of anger and frustration for others. What could be called as an exclusive club of scholars and warriors the members of the order are trained for years. However, unbeknownst to the public, the newest head of the order is engaging in the day to day affairs of the world more and more directly. External strife and suffering raises the question, is this their problem or is their only concern the betterment of their secret society. Internal turmoil is bringing this organization to the brink of a native struggle.
    Lost Legacy - Adult
    An ancient shield has been discovered during the University of Sharn's item inventory. The current curator of antiquities thinks that the shield holds the key to a civilization long lost. Is his theory correct? Friend and fellow mage Stomath Peremin will soon find out. But, who's to say he and his friends will ever return from this expedition.
    This is a dark fantasy, table top style RP.
    A top secret government testing lab built right into a school? Well isn't that odd? Don't you think someone would notice? Once you join this club though... you are never heard from again... well at least most aren't.
    A subjectively subjective subjectivity where everything is subjective to subjectivity, subjectively speaking to you, the subject. Don't object, as that is objectively objective in this unobjectivity.
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    Adeline   (played in Lost Legacy)
    "Do I look like I'm hiding something? Go ahead big boy, frisk me."
    Aldous Jeron   (played in For Honor)
    Allen Gray   (played in Vicxscar)
    Government agent and an all right man.
    Anatol Rolland   (played in For Honor)
    The youngin'
    Carter Britton   (played in For Honor)
    The experience
    Claud Beaumont   (played in For Honor)
    Cordell Monte   (played in Lightning Sinz)
    A trained criminal who can get things done.
    Creatures   (played in For Honor)
    Derrick Myers   (played in Monsters and Slaves)
    Hunting runs in the family...
    Drivalmund   (played in Lightning Sinz)
    An ancient dragon.
    Hrotir Ulralderssen   (played in Seer Sight)
    Yes, My Jarl....whatever you wish, shall be done.
    Issat Talbot   (played in Eternal Sands - Closed)
    Issat is the loyal bodyguard and adviser to Emperor Leto.
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