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    I MISSSSSS YOUUUU BBY!!! I'll be more active and everything after the 29th! So be prepared for Rainbow cuddles and beautiful magical pants love.

    (I love how only you me and Kicks really knows what that means. Other people are probably like 0-o wtf are they smoking )

    Anyway, I just did another 12 hour shift, so I am going to go pass the fuck out now!!! xoxo
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    That's why I'm a little iffy about the whole Steampunk idea as well. I mean we could always change it to a pirates thing er --something...
    I'm not sure. I don't think I'll have a whole lot of time to create an entire RP right now, or at least for the next couple weeks. But we can work on it. I'll still be here and active, just not as much as I usually am. And I can't put a lot of my effort into creating a new RP. :| Sorry lovely. But yes KICKS has to join us for something. I mean if she wants XD

    And I knooooow :O I need some Bambi and Eve action too. And some Bambi and Darren action in that friggin' closet! Even if the closet is floating out in the middle of space! (Hah that might be interesting actually ;3)

    And I think you'll really like a lot of the people on here! They are pretty amazing!

    (Leviathan? Like.. Supernatural Leviathans? DDDDD Or... Just you know like creature Leviathans?)

    You are amazing at writing. So just shush, you will get back into the swing of things just perfectly! I was a bit rusty too when I first joined (still am) but it's awesome fun and like I said earlier: there are pretty flawless individuals over here
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    /sobs yes! The magical love pants has been restitched, ironed and now is being comfortably worn by at least two of the previous fillers :3
    I really did miss you darling! I've been wanting to RP with you again. Maybe bring back some beautiful Jax and Eve. Or maybe bring in some Darren and Jax beautifulness! <3
    We can do a little 1x1 if you want to just begin small and comfortably, darling. Just let me know what you want to do.

    Also! I might have been thinking about Rusted Winds. That one steampunk RP we were working on together... I'm not sure what we want to do with that :P
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    I figured I would stop by and put some of my lovely lovin's on your wall! <3

    So excited you're here my darling Xylo!
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    Welcome to WTFRPG and I hope you enjoy your stay. I'd also like to extend a helping hand so if you have any questions, require any help, or need moderator assistance, I encouraged you to toss me a PM or Visitor Message (by going to my profile). I am more than happy to help you out.

    I'd also like to introduce you to one of the sites projects, Mustard Jar, it is a ventrilo project meant to help connect members of the site and to be used as a different medium for roleplay discussion. It is a chill, friendly, easy going project and I would be thrilled if you took a look.

    Thanks for joining WTFRPG.

    - Strude
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    Oh it's so common to get lost as a newcomer. I went through several tough journeys of setting up a role play and creating characters. I was so puzzled! And even now, I still can't master it. Anyway, we can seek help easily by asking the experienced users~
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    Hello! Welcome to this site!
    Actually I am a newcomer too, so it's cool to know other newbies! XD
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