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    lol XD nice dramatic moment, and we didn't get to put it in, it turns out the only one hiring is too far away
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    hiya *hugs* missed you X3
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    hi hi
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    you don't know what Game Stop is?! It's just like the biggest game store ever, there's even game stops in china, japan and kerea I bet XD also someone coming and hurting her would probably be a good, idea and like he comes in and saves her before they can hurt her too much?
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    it's okay, and I'm good about to put in a job application to game stop, oh and just wondering since Murasaki won't run while they're in that town were you think that someone comes in and tries to/hurts her?
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    how have you been?
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    yeah sounds good
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    mkay just warn me when you'll be away and we're all good X3
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    Eyy, I'm writing my post right now so I was wondering if you had any particular time period in mind? It's not super-super important to my first post but I was just curious lol. I sort of imagine it taking place before the either somewhere in the 1800s /late 1700s or in the 1920s (Because I imagined the mansion looking like something out of Great Gatsby).
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    In a fictional victorian age, there was a school. But this school was different from all the other school, for this school was for those who possessed magical abilities. This school’s name was Hell Bound Academy. When Hell Bound Academy (also known as H.B.A.) realizes it has an enemy...a feared enemy, they hire twelve guards. This enemy (a group of people who call themselves the Shadow Walkers) wants to destroy the school, for the school is training their students to help and protect the world with their abilities, and the Shadow Walkers only want to destroy the world.
    Heaven and Hell are the least of your problems...
    Will you survive. If the hunger does't get you, then the wildlife will.
    Dear Alice - Adult
    Alice is back, and a sweet horror has been waiting for her.// A roleplay allowing you to go as mad as you wish.// Have some fun together, lovely psychos
    Devil's Tale - Closed
    The city seems to shake as a war breaks out under human noses between angels known as White Knights, and demons known as Red Tails. What presumed to be a color gang war is none other than a battle to decide the fate of Heaven, Hell and Earth between.
    Some people cant have kids...but thats okay-sometimes parents don't have to be the ones that birthed you....And sometimes there are adults who just care...
    Each year, every firstborn child is sent to the Armasseum to train for Koragnier, the battle between gods and demons, and each year only a fraction survive the process. Life is idyllic in Valaheim, home of the gods, but for the Firstborn, only blood and tears await. That is their fate and this is their story.
    Love story revolving around a band group.
    Memetopia where all the memes can live in happiness.
    Second star to the right and straight on till morning. Neverland, a place where you never have to grow up. Come! Fight pirates, look for treasures, swim with mermaids and play with indians! Anything you want to do because the only crime is not having fun!
    What if you met the person of your dreams? Literally. Your dream world is falling apart, but why should you care? It's just a dream... isn't it?
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    ♤ Andrian Lovesong   (played in Once Upon A Dream (Private 1X1))
    "Love is in the air~! ♥♥♥"
    ♤ Dani Grey   (played in Once Upon A Dream (Private 1X1))
    "Well, that's new."
    ♤ Mint Navene   (played in Once Upon A Dream (Private 1X1))
    "No, no, no, no! That's just not right!"
    ♤ Ren Rainscar   (played in Once Upon A Dream (Private 1X1))
    "I want it, so I'll have it."
    ♤ Sonia LeClouds   (played in Once Upon A Dream (Private 1X1))
    "Shh. Just listen. There, isn't it beautiful?"
    Adam Evans   (played in Defending the wolf kind.)
    "Pain, pain, go away. But, do come again another day. Promise?"
    Adam Evans   (played in A Cry for Help from Hell Bound-Open. Changed a bit)
    "Pain, pain, go away. But, do come again another day. Promise?"
    Akil   (played in Castaway)
    "The start of patience is bitter but promises a sweet end."
    Cain   (played in Syrasya Sinz)
    "Really. Why so serious?"
    Caterpillar   (played in Dear Alice)
    "Who... are you?"
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