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  1. Just wanted to link everyone that posted to the "Music That makes You" thread a link to my new group:

    MIX TAPE : http://www.wtfrpg.com/forum/group.php?groupid=33
  2. Agron ... Nasir .... Nagron ... Strude why this is such a sad thing to come home to
  3. I feel like destroying you from the inside out . . . starting with your feels.


    Come check it out and spread the word!
  5. EEEEEEEEK Strude I'm so excited Thank you guys all so very much, I put a lot of work and dedication into Empire of the Sun; it's been tricky trying to get it off the ground, however, I think this will help tremendously! Thanks so much!
  6. I wanted to congradulate you on being featured. I think you have created one of the most beautiful roleplays on WTF. I am super impressed with your coding, the organization, and flow of your game. Colour me 7 shades of techno colour gay because your game is amazing. The attention to deal is staggering and a breath of fresh air. The details for each location and all the other information is long enough to cover what a player needs to know, while being a pleasure to read.

    As a side note you have inspired me to rework on my own games. I am seriously that in love with your entire presentation and concept.

    Salute and congrats,
  7. Hello, I just wanted to direct your attention to this thread. The moderators want to put in place an award system, and we'd love the board members opinion. Thanks for you time and your suggestions and input.
  8. I'd certainly like to believe I'm interesting ;> !

    Sorry for the late uh ... reply. I was on a brief hiatus >>
  9. Why hello Strude ;> I'd like to believe I'm rather interestin' !
  10. Hello thar, you must be interesting if E (Mitsu) knows who! XD
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